This Top-Down Shooter Engine is everything that you need in order to start creating a fast and fun, 2D shooter game. This demo includes a fully functional player object, with a focus on "game feel". The input/physics were coded in a particular way in order to mimic fast-paced popular, shooters like Nuclear Throne and Hotline Miami.


  • Pixel-Perfect Collision
  • Player Input/Movement
  • Aiming/Shooting towards mouse cursor
  • Sample Bullet + Explosion FX
  • Slope functionality
  • Smooth camera (+ screen shake)
  • Sample Enemy AI (line of sight, shooting at player, etc)
  • Player + Enemy Death
  • Easily editable code for quick changes in "game feel"/pacing

The Top-Down Shooter Engine is meant to be used as a quick kick-start when creating 2D top-down games. I will add features and more weapons, enemies, and features as I can! Price may vary as the size of the engine increases, so get it while it's cheap!

Makes use of particle trail scripts found here:

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.1.0


  • Multiple weapon examples
  • Hotline Miami-style weapon swap

You can now grab, drop, and hurl weapon pickups! Use this to swap weapons quickly on-the-go! Enemies are damaged by thrown weapons!

Version 1.1.0. Published October 5, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1451

Age Rating: 9+

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Victor L 21 January 2018


Aktürk M 30 December 2017


Devon H 27 December 2017


Karsten F 20 December 2017


Anonymous 10 November 2017


Anonymous 30 October 2017


Gadyka 5 22 October 2017


Anonymous 09 October 2017


Brandon C 02 September 2017


Anonymous 11 August 2017


Great addon


James C 02 June 2017



Tom P 13 May 2017


Seren L 07 March 2017

well made


Anonymous 28 September 2017

i dont now

i dont now how can i open this file somebody help me please :)


Jordan D 22 January 2017


Anonymous 07 October 2016


Simple code and feels very nice!


Anonymous 18 January 2016

exciting topdown shooter engine!!

This is a top-down shooter game engine that was very good .
exciting game.
We learn are making exciting games.



Scott G 17 May 2015

Wonderful engine

Great combat. It would be a perfect engine if it included a melee weapon as well. Easy to customize and fun as is.


Santiago S 15 December 2014

Not bad

Something I didn't like is how the main player object moves.

You don't notice it because he's white, but he only turns left or right. So he's not really setup like a top down shooter player. He behaves like a sidescroller player by only turning left and right.

So when you just drop an image on top of the player image, to replace the art, it won't actually rotate in the direction you are looking!

So I guess having to tool around and change that is fine, but that takes away from what this was suppose to be to me.

Also, it would be good to have some mobile support, and I noticed the drops/pickups are unclear. Something is not working there.

Anyways, maybe like they mentioned in the description, when they add all those extra features and enemies, it will shape up to be a better product.

The good stuff is that it is indeed smooth and has some basics ready to go! Not bad at all.


Jonathan C 26 November 2014


Feels nice and fluid.


Glint G 21 November 2014

Awesome TDS

Great Fun TDS Engine It is like Vlambeers Nuclear Throne


Jose B 11 November 2014


this shooter engine is lots of fun! well commented and easy to modify, just needs a life bar and ammo counter but that i can add myself

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Top-Down Shooter 3.67 KB Top-Down Shooter Engine
Backgrounds Objects Rooms Scripts Sprites 679 Bytes 672 Bytes 724 Bytes 676 Bytes 673 Bytes 734 Bytes 919 Bytes 675 Bytes 734 Bytes 838 Bytes 894 Bytes 671 Bytes 3.67 KB 767 Bytes 675 Bytes 671 Bytes 672 Bytes 674 Bytes 736 Bytes 677 Bytes 842 Bytes 676 Bytes 674 Bytes 674 Bytes 675 Bytes 675 Bytes 673 Bytes images
sBanner_0.png 10.7 KB sBlock_0.png 81 Bytes sBullet_0.png 120 Bytes sBullet_1.png 98 Bytes sCamTrap_0.png 102 Bytes sCursor_0.png 93 Bytes sEnemyBullet_0.png 121 Bytes sEnemyBullet_1.png 99 Bytes sEnemyExplosion_0.png 159 Bytes sEnemyExplosion_1.png 153 Bytes sEnemyExplosion_2.png 157 Bytes sEnemyExplosion_3.png 143 Bytes sEnemyExplosion_4.png 120 Bytes sEnemyGun_0.png 110 Bytes sEnemyIdle_0.png 151 Bytes sEnemyIdle_1.png 134 Bytes sEnemyRun_0.png 160 Bytes sEnemyRun_1.png 148 Bytes sEnemyRun_2.png 181 Bytes sEnemyRun_3.png 155 Bytes sExplosion_0.png 158 Bytes sExplosion_1.png 157 Bytes sExplosion_2.png 159 Bytes sExplosion_3.png 146 Bytes sExplosion_4.png 121 Bytes sFade_0.png 95 Bytes sFont_0.png 70 Bytes sFont_1.png 90 Bytes sFont_10.png 74 Bytes sFont_11.png 74 Bytes sFont_12.png 92 Bytes sFont_13.png 87 Bytes sFont_14.png 86 Bytes sFont_15.png 95 Bytes sFont_16.png 119 Bytes sFont_17.png 104 Bytes sFont_18.png 103 Bytes sFont_19.png 112 Bytes sFont_2.png 104 Bytes sFont_20.png 113 Bytes sFont_21.png 105 Bytes sFont_22.png 112 Bytes sFont_23.png 105 Bytes sFont_24.png 112 Bytes sFont_25.png 108 Bytes sFont_26.png 89 Bytes sFont_27.png 95 Bytes sFont_28.png 74 Bytes sFont_29.png 90 Bytes sFont_3.png 74 Bytes sFont_30.png 74 Bytes sFont_31.png 105 Bytes sFont_32.png 74 Bytes sFont_33.png 121 Bytes sFont_34.png 108 Bytes sFont_35.png 119 Bytes sFont_36.png 112 Bytes sFont_37.png 100 Bytes sFont_38.png 102 Bytes sFont_39.png 116 Bytes sFont_4.png 114 Bytes sFont_40.png 98 Bytes sFont_41.png 89 Bytes sFont_42.png 102 Bytes sFont_43.png 120 Bytes sFont_44.png 95 Bytes sFont_45.png 112 Bytes sFont_46.png 121 Bytes sFont_47.png 107 Bytes sFont_48.png 109 Bytes sFont_49.png 117 Bytes sFont_5.png 123 Bytes sFont_50.png 116 Bytes sFont_51.png 110 Bytes sFont_52.png 97 Bytes sFont_53.png 97 Bytes sFont_54.png 109 Bytes sFont_55.png 108 Bytes sFont_56.png 122 Bytes sFont_57.png 115 Bytes sFont_58.png 95 Bytes sFont_59.png 85 Bytes sFont_6.png 74 Bytes sFont_60.png 91 Bytes sFont_61.png 88 Bytes sFont_7.png 94 Bytes sFont_8.png 107 Bytes sFont_9.png 107 Bytes sGun_0.png 135 Bytes sGun_1.png 134 Bytes sGun_2.png 113 Bytes sIcon_0.png 1.73 KB sParticle2_0.png 73 Bytes sParticle_0.png 71 Bytes sPlatform_0.png 81 Bytes sPlayerIdle_0.png 156 Bytes sPlayerIdle_1.png 138 Bytes sPlayerMask_0.png 119 Bytes sPlayerRun_0.png 179 Bytes sPlayerRun_1.png 167 Bytes sPlayerRun_2.png 189 Bytes sPlayerRun_3.png 163 Bytes sPushBlock_0.png 121 Bytes sSlopeL_0.png 125 Bytes sSlopeR_0.png 123 Bytes sSlopeUL_0.png 116 Bytes sSlopeUR_0.png 115 Bytes sSpring_0.png 85 Bytes

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