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Lucid Engine - Pseudo 3D


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Version 2 release is now out! Massive overhaul of the entire engine to be much more robust and speedy, while also simplifying the API. Check the change log below for more details.

Lucid Engine

Build 3d worlds with simple 2d code.

The perfect solution for developers who want their games to be more than just plain old 2d but also don't want to delve into the complexity of managing 3d models and graphics.

What is Pseudo 3D?

This demo is entirely composed of 2D sprites and does not use any complex built-in 3D GM support. Instead, it uses techniques to offset layered cross section sprites intelligently for a 3-dimensional perspective with full 360 degree camera perspective rotation. Depth is calculated to assure sprites are drawn in the correct order at all times.

This allows devs to easily create 3D worlds without having to worry at all about handling a 3rd dimension - the engine handles all of that for you! You can keep working on your games as if they were 2D with no 3D knowledge required. Offers a great foundation for building worlds which contain both 2D & 3D aspects. The code is well documented and easily extendable for your purposes.

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Included in this project:

  1. Pseudo 3D Engine

    • 3D perspective rendering with camera rotation
    • powerful & carefully optimized depth handling for precise draw ordering (& no Z-fighting!)
    • various forms of drawing are available, such as stacked sprites, textured blocks, and billboard sprites that always face the camera
  2. Realistic Lighting engine

    • supports multiple overlapping light sources with configurable color and radius
    • illuminates in 3d space realistically. Lights can be updated in realtime to change radius, color, or position
  3. Efficient tile-based collision detection

    • Easily customizable collisions mapped out using a tile layer (look for the collision_map layer in the room editor)
  4. Free to Use Resources

    • Tons of pretty sprites, tiles, and other resources free for use in your games


Version 2.0.0 changes from initial release:

  • All rendering code has been shifted over to shaders, leading to huge gains in FPS. The engine is much better optimized and smarter about managing the vertex buffer directly.

  • Water reflection and distortion has been added.

  • Textures supported. You can now build 3d blocks and planes with custom 2d textures and sprites, as opposed to being restricted to stack-based artwork.

  • Lighting has been re-worked to be fully shader-based. Lighting is more intelligent and illuminates correctly in 3d space now. No more 2d lighting surface.

  • Perspective Camera. Camera is now perspective-based and tilted at an angle as opposed to being directly overhead.

  • 100% accurate depth rendering/occlusion. No z-fighting or errant clipping. 2d sprites are integrated with the engine so depth always interleaves properly.

  • Simplified the API and usage workflow for developers.


NOTE: Please read the included README once you've installed Lucid. There is important start-up info in there.

Have a feature request? Reach out to me on Twitter!

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 2.0.4. Published July 20, 2020

  • additional safety checks around vertex buffer building
  • more explicit dev control over draw layer depths
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