Collection of 10 of my previous projects that were made in GMS 1.4 ported to GMS2.

  • Klondike Solitaire Engine
  • 2048 Engine
  • Video Poker Engine
  • TriPeaks Solitaire
  • Calculation Solitaire
  • 'WildEights' Solitaire
  • 'Pick-5 Poker' Solitaire
  • 11s Up Solitaire
  • Poker Hands Counter
  • Count Low to High

You can select and launch a project from the menu/start room. Some of the rooms are pretty small for modern monitors, press alt+enter for full screen. Make sure you have 'allow full screen' and 'interpolate between color pixels' checked in the project's options > graphic settings for best visual results.

Klondike Engine:

  • Probably the most complete and best project of the bunch. Features full animations, sounds, ability to select game number/seed within the game, hint system, all standard Klondike rules are implemented, select between 1 through 5 cards deal. Ability to drag cards, 1 click autoplace etc.


  • 2048 Engine. Array-based so move board as fast as you want without issues. Fully animated, save/load, score, high score, ability to continue after 2048 reached etc

Video Poker Engine:

  • Old project but I think it's still pretty good. Recreates the look and feel of a real machine fairly well. Included are multiple variations such as "Jacks or Better", "Deuces Wild" etc

Calculation Solitaire:

  • I think this was my first card project. Fairly basic but functional. It's pretty small so good project for beginners.

TriPeaks Solitaire:

  • Classic arcade style solitaire game. This was also an early project. Remove cards by picking a card one value above or below as the pile card. Click on pile for new card if no move is available. Press down for autoplay (autoplay doesn't play optimally however and you score less points when you use it).

'Pick-5 Poker' Solitaire:

  • Arcade style solitaire. Pick five cards and try to make poker hands as fast as possible until the time is up and go for the high score as you complete rounds (top 10 high scores are saved).

'Wild Eights':

  • Another arcade style solitaire game. Place cards on top of another. Same suit adds points. Different suit of the same value (ex: 9 spade on top of 9 diamond) raise multiplier. Also saves top 10 scores. Shares a lot of code with Pick-5 Poker.

Poker Hands Counter:

  • Not really a game, more like a demo. Makes poker hands and counts how many of each type of hands were obtained. You can adjust how many hands are made per seconds (shown on screen and calculated based on time). On my ~6 years old PC I reach about 8000 hands per second but you could probably reach like 25,000+ per second on a recent PC (you'd have to change the '200' speed cap and raise it to something like 500 first though). You can also select on which hand type it stops automatically. I've checked online and the % are around what you'd expect.

11s Up:

  • Also known as Ace Solitaire and probably of bunch of other names. Another arcade type solitaire.

Count Low to High:

  • A small short term memory game

Note for anyone that have bought or downloaded any of the project individually in the past: you should still be able to re-download any assets you've bought previously by going in your marketplace history.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.16

  • Added 2 more projects/games
  • Added light/dark "theme" system for the back of the cards in Klondike

Version 1.0.16. Published December 2, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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