IBIT stands for "Instance Based Images and Text", which loosely means that this asset is for creating instances based on a source text file or image to create cool effects. Essentially, each instance created will represent a "pixel" or a "character" from the source input (which can be a text file, a surface, a sprite or an array of strings) and these instances will recreate the input in a room.

The asset is in two parts, where on the one hand we have the scripts and a single object, while on the other hand we have the demo, which acts like an IBIT Editor, permitting you to create and test effects, then save out the data for use in your projects.

The asset features are:

  • Easy to use! With just three script calls, you can get stunning effects!
  • Extensive comments! Everything is commented so you can understand and learn from the code
  • Huge library of Utility scripts! Apart from the main scripts, IBIT has a huge collection of utility scripts that can be used to customise your effects in real time
  • Demo is also an editor! Use the demo project to create your effects then save what you've made to use in your own projects

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Version 1.0.4. Published September 27, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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Samuel S 21 November 2018

Very Impressive, Very Cool


Juha S 13 October 2018


in the ibit_punch_push.gml there is the collision_circle_list script which is not included..
found one on it takes 6 arguments you send 8 arguments..?
var _c = collision_circle_list(_xo, _yo, _radius, obj_IBIT_Mover, false, false, _l, false);
anyway is it ok to comment this line since it works by doing it. best regards !!

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