Easy Trajectory is a simple script that predicts the necessary speed and direction necessary for a projectile to be lobbed towards a pair of target coordinates. The sample file contains everything necessary to get things working. Left-cick anywhere on the screen to lob a grenade towards the mouse coordinates!

It is as simple as calling: GetTrajectory(target.x, target.y);

Makes use of particle trail scripts found here:

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.1.0. Published October 3, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1398

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 09 October 2017


JingLun P 22 March 2017

Pay for the But you can't download

Pay for the But you can't download


anuj r 12 September 2016

good asset ...very handy script

hi is there any way to control the height of the trajectory ,
am not able to contact you via "contact publisher" as its giving invalid captcha every time i try to do so .
for example is it possible to get path with bit lower height of trajectory arc
also is there any way i can control the speed of object travelling from point a to b with the help of getTrajectory(x,y)


Anonymous 17 August 2015


You make my life soo much easier thanks a lot for your contribution you helped me a lot!

Package contents

Total size 18 KB

Z-Series 1.83 KB Z-Series Trajectory
Backgrounds Objects Rooms Scripts Sprites 672 Bytes 675 Bytes 894 Bytes 3.67 KB 674 Bytes 675 Bytes 832 Bytes images
sBlock_0.png 81 Bytes sCamera_0.png 206 Bytes sExplosion_0.png 158 Bytes sExplosion_1.png 157 Bytes sExplosion_2.png 159 Bytes sExplosion_3.png 146 Bytes sExplosion_4.png 121 Bytes sFont_0.png 70 Bytes sFont_1.png 90 Bytes sFont_10.png 74 Bytes sFont_11.png 74 Bytes sFont_12.png 92 Bytes sFont_13.png 87 Bytes sFont_14.png 86 Bytes sFont_15.png 95 Bytes sFont_16.png 119 Bytes sFont_17.png 104 Bytes sFont_18.png 103 Bytes sFont_19.png 112 Bytes sFont_2.png 104 Bytes sFont_20.png 113 Bytes sFont_21.png 105 Bytes sFont_22.png 112 Bytes sFont_23.png 105 Bytes sFont_24.png 112 Bytes sFont_25.png 108 Bytes sFont_26.png 89 Bytes sFont_27.png 95 Bytes sFont_28.png 74 Bytes sFont_29.png 90 Bytes sFont_3.png 74 Bytes sFont_30.png 74 Bytes sFont_31.png 105 Bytes sFont_32.png 74 Bytes sFont_33.png 121 Bytes sFont_34.png 108 Bytes sFont_35.png 119 Bytes sFont_36.png 112 Bytes sFont_37.png 100 Bytes sFont_38.png 102 Bytes sFont_39.png 116 Bytes sFont_4.png 114 Bytes sFont_40.png 98 Bytes sFont_41.png 89 Bytes sFont_42.png 102 Bytes sFont_43.png 120 Bytes sFont_44.png 95 Bytes sFont_45.png 112 Bytes sFont_46.png 121 Bytes sFont_47.png 107 Bytes sFont_48.png 109 Bytes sFont_49.png 117 Bytes sFont_5.png 123 Bytes sFont_50.png 116 Bytes sFont_51.png 110 Bytes sFont_52.png 97 Bytes sFont_53.png 97 Bytes sFont_54.png 109 Bytes sFont_55.png 108 Bytes sFont_56.png 122 Bytes sFont_57.png 115 Bytes sFont_58.png 95 Bytes sFont_59.png 85 Bytes sFont_6.png 74 Bytes sFont_60.png 91 Bytes sFont_61.png 88 Bytes sFont_7.png 94 Bytes sFont_8.png 107 Bytes sFont_9.png 107 Bytes sGrenade_0.png 112 Bytes sIcon_0.png 1.5 KB sTurret_0.png 402 Bytes sTurret_1.png 400 Bytes sTurret_2.png 381 Bytes sTurret_3.png 383 Bytes

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