Optimized Super Fast Bullets2D


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This teaches you how to make fast bullets (Guns and Arrows) in any 2d game.

This is used for: Top-Down Shooters, Side View Platformers, and DOOM clones.

Q and A: Why can't I just code using collision_line? Because collision_line does not retrieve distance information, so bullets can over-penetrate surfaces. This product stops the over-penetration problems of collision_line. Q and A: What about other GMC scripts, that return distance? Those return distance, but are not integrated to have wall and enemy behavoir. With this, you can ID damaged enemies and reduce their health, as well as not over-penetrate walls like the GMC example. Q and A: Can't I code it on my own? Yes, but coding this took two days, because this makes smart use of collision line functions in order to optimize collisions. There is a good chance coding on your own will run into problems, and not be as optimized as a result. Q and A: What about slow bullets? For slow bullets, like plasma or rockets, you should just use sprite checking, as they move so slowly that over penetration is not a problem. But if your game is planning on having fast bullets, you should use this to ensure there is no over-penetration.

Includes 4 scripts:

perfectBullet - the latest script, very optimized algorithm, with 100% perfect collisions.

newBullet - the second best script, extremely fast, but has "quantum inconsistency" during edge collisions.

oldBullet - the old raytracing script that has per-pixel checking, that people commonly used in the past. It is very laggy, you can use it to compare the performance.

senselessBullet - a very laggy per pixel script to compare to.

If you have any game that has shooting in it...this is what you need.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 9+


GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published July 5, 2018

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