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Requires gamemaker studio 1.4 or higher, minimum SDK setting is 16, GMS 2 is also supported. a Flurry acount [link]:https://developer.yahoo.com/monetize , and add the google play services extension [link]:https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/2008/google-play-services to your project.

This extension will let you collect event data from your game/app to view on your Flurry dash and it complies with GDPR regulations.

A note on permissions for Android 6.0 and up, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required and included in the extension, and ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION is also included but not mandatory, if you don't use it the extension won't ask the player for that permission and location reporting will be disabled.

There are 7 functions you can use to send analytics from your game to your Flurry dashboard, Each is explained below:


First off when your player runs the game for the first time the player will be taken to the ads privacy dashboard where they can either adjust their privacy settings (applicable to your game only) or easilly exit the dashboard, after that the game will never ask again, but note that you should include a button in your menu or at gamestart that alows the player to go to the privacy dashboard at any time. Argument 0 is mandatory and is the "Game_Id" which you get when entering your app on your Flurry dashboard.


Call this function in a menu or button press to allow the player to access his privacy dashboard for the game. When the player closes the privacy dashboard the extension will automatically re-init with the new settings. To allow your player to retreive what data is collected (DSR) by your app you should use the Gamemaker Studio function openUrl("url"); with oath's collected data reporting web page, you could use the left mouse click for example:



Call this whenever the player does something in your game that you want to be notified of in your Flurry analytics dashboard, no value is returned, it is usefull for knowing that a player did something in your game. Pass the "Event_name" as the argument.

SendFlurryMappedEvent(String, String);

Call this whenever the player does something in your game that you want to be notified of in your Flurry analytics dashboard, This will send a key - value pair as a string so you can get a value of something like player level up, etc. Pass the "Event_name" as argument 1 and "Event_values" as argument 2. You can send up to 10 value pairs each seperated by a comma iT IS RECOMENDED TO BUILD A SINGLE STRING IF YOU HAVE MIXED STRING AND INTEGER VALUES TO PASS TO ARGUMENT 2 example:

var levelUp = "Name,Skontz,Level,"+string(global.level)+"MaxHp,"+string(global.maxHp);


Optional, if you are using gamemaker's built in function to ask for permissions please use WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, and ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION. Android os 6.0 and up require asking for permissions, call this before anything else, and not in the same step that you init FlurryAndroidAnalytics.


Optional unrelated function added for Bug fix for Gamemaker 1.4.1804, call this to close your app, otherwise the player will have to use the home button to do it.


Returns real. Can be used to check if the extension is active, for example, call before SendFlurrySimpleEvent(String) and SendFlurryMappedEvent(String, String).

Please see the README.rtf file or the Game Information in the example project, or head over to the Flurry Analytics for Android homepage [link]:http://roadhammergaming.blogspot.com/p/flurry-analytics-for-android-homepage.html for complete detailed instructions

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS1 - Version 1.1.0. Published July 8, 2018

Updated Flurry ads SDK version to 11.1.1 to fix the following bugs in their previous sdk: - Fix for opening Privacy Dashboard on lower end devices (such as lollipop Jelly bean and Ice cream Sandwich) - Fixed intermittent crash when fetching native ads

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