NOTE: Now, on the sunset of GMS1.4, we have decided to release it for free! Thanks everyone who bought PEd and supported the development. The latest version can be found on the github, for more info check the gmc thread.

PushEd, or shorly just PEd, is the first 2D/3D level editor of it’s kind for GM: Studio.

Experience the ease of creating complex 2D and 3D levels with our level editor. PEd provides you all the tools you need. You can simply Drag&Drop objects into the level, move them around, scale and rotate them, set their properties like name, creation code, colour and alpha. And of course you can change all the settings of the level, including backgrounds, views and physic.

PushEd is an internal level editor made in GameMaker: Studio for GM:S. That means you just insert it into your project and you can use it solely for development purposes, or you can leave it in your game accessible for the players so that they can create and possibly share their own levels.

List of important features:

  • 3D and 2D level editing
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Intuitive controls
  • Change all level settings, including backgrounds, views and physics.
  • Drag&Drop objects into the level
  • Move, rotate and scale instances
  • Edit instance properties - instance name, creation code, colour, alpha (more can be added with Custom Data Containers)
  • Tile editing
  • Supports grid alignment and multiple selection
  • Copy selected instances and tiles
  • New enhanced GUI system with resizable windows and panels, context menus etc.
  • Vector and matrix math library
  • Save/load levels to/from * files
  • Export/import levels to/from custom *.bbmap file
  • Access to full source code and documentation


Github - Latest version

Demo - Download

GMC thread - Discussion

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.5.3

  • Extended math library.
  • Fixed PEd_instanceGetMatrix.
  • Fixed missing variable detailsRoomBackgroundShow.
  • Fixed error when pressing delete when having a room selected.
  • Fixed shadows under GUI elements while in 3D.
  • Minor fixes and changes.

Version 1.5.3. Published October 20, 2018

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1772

Age Rating: 9+

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Anonymous 09 December 2018


dave m 10 November 2018


In Script PEd_guiContentTools at line 316 : cannot use function/script name for a variable, using "bool"
In Script PEd_guiContentTools at line 316 : malformed assignment


Brandon M 26 January 2018

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Anonymous 29 March 2017


Very good 3D map editor

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Tarquinn G 27 January 2017

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Arthur R 10 October 2016

Not worth the price

I bought this program thinking it was a good external map designer and it corrupt's the game file itself and makes it hard to get that level back after editing it with this program I do not recommend this program rather you use the free version GMare it's working currently for studio and that is what I am now using but this program is not worth the price AT ALL.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Robin E 03 February 2016

Not worth the price.

If you desperately need an editor like this for Gamemaker, I strongly recommend another platform instead of shelling out $99 for this Editor. It's barely worth it when there's a 75% discount.

Maybe the editor itself works fine, but it's not good enough, especially considering how annoying it is to use. It's not like you can run it separately from your project. You have to include it in your project and compile it just to start the editor. Even then, it's affected by any controllers you might have in place that change text fonts or camera functionality, so you have to work around that as well.

If you desperately want to use Gamemaker combined with a better editor I suggest looking into Tiled integration instead. Otherwise I recommend just making simpler maps and not using so many layers until GMS2 saves us.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


BlueBurn (Publisher) 25 January 2016

Hi Robin,

first of all we would like to thank you for your review. Every opinion counts, as we can improve the editor further based on it.

On the other hand, we are quite disappointed that you see PushEd just as a waste of money.

PushEd was never meant to be an external editor. Actually being build-in in your game is one of it's advantages, as you can then provide it to players of your game and they can have fun creating their own levels and sharing them with their friends.

And about the problem with game objects moving around in the editor etc, there is an easy fix for that. You can just disable your game code by putting in "if (!instance_exists(objPEdEditor)) { ... }". Also, this is going to be solved and no more be a problem in the next major update.

We are going to enhance the editor further and we hope that you will come at least to try it out once in a while.


Anonymous 21 May 2015

Best Map Editor Ever

This is the single-best map editor for ANY engine that I've ever used. I'm serious, I got this when it was cheaper, (and now I'm thankful, as I saw the current price xD) and I fell in love with it.. Thank you so much for this and keep up with the fantastic work!!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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