The NailBuster GUI Widget Library is a well-liked and popular addition that adds easy-to-use and flexible Visual Components to your Game Menus/User Interface!

The library is designed to be very feature rich, easy to control, and with advanced features like button and label tweening animations. The library has been released/development for over a year, and I've updated it frequently...

Try the online html5 demo to see it in action:

Current Widgets: Button, Label, CheckBox, ListBox, Image, BubbleMsg, EditBox, Dialogs, ComboBox, ComboGroup, TextBox, AnimatedText, Slider, Gauge, Horizontal ListBox, KeyboardPopUp, Panels..and more!

//This Asset is now open-sourced and you can use it any/all your projects for free....see license.txt //

Documentation PDF :

Sample Project:

Please read the license.txt within asset for full license info.

Goals of the library was to minimize # of objects to manage. The sample project app actually only uses ONE object to control all the events from the components. You actually don’t touch the widget objects, everything is done with properties created in the room editor(or in code)… great!

Library comes with FULL GML SOURCE CODE, this is not an GMStudio Extension that is complicated or ‘hides’ source.

Pure GML code, works with html5, android, windows, iOS,winphone...

Asset has (as included files) Manual/Documentation and sample project...

YouTube Tutorials:

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.5.1. Published July 10, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 4+

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Jony A 21 August 2018


Andrjus V 14 August 2018

Does it work with GMS2 ?


Christian G 28 July 2018


Anonymous 31 May 2018


Adrian U 24 April 2018


Terrence Y 01 April 2018


Jean C 28 February 2018


Brad B 19 August 2017

Wonderful Collection of GUI Elements!!!

This is the most comprehensive collection of generic UI elements I have ever seen! Not only does it include most generic elements but they are souped up and shiny with many features that generic elements don't include! Thank you for your contribution!! This is a definite time saver for anyone who wants professional looking inputs and UI elements but lack the time or knowledge to put them together!


Ricardo R 21 January 2016

Awesome! So many widgets...

I am new to GMS and I just bought this asset to speed up the develop a bit. I am very glad I did it because in just few days I was able to use the widgets I needed. The only pitfall I found is that with 'uiAnchor' property set, all animations cease to play. So, in a Panel I couldn't use any animations at all! Also I agree with Gregory V (comment just below). Using DrawGUI event is needed for some Pause Systems, for example, but I managed to solved the problem by myself with some effort... Finally some knowledge of GML is needed, for one can extract more from this asset looking directly at the code. Many thanks.


I contacted the developer that very promptly sent me a fix to the problem. Now it is perfect!

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


Gregory V 20 February 2015

Works well

It does everything it says, and does it really well. Very well documented and easy to use. Two things on my wishlist for future features would be multi-touch support and support for optionally using the DrawGUI event instead of the Draw event for drawing.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.


NailBuster Software Inc. (Publisher) 11 February 2015

Hi Gregory...I help people with the library frequently via email. If you can resend, my email address is

I used the 'standard' GMS methods for a few reasons, one being allowing the user to inherit and extend the functionality of widgets easier. But I agree with your scenario when using some widgets in-game and needing to use the DrawGUI event....I'm trying to work out a way to handle both scenarios and still support 'standard' events.

Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions....

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