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Dialogue engine - Text boxes


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With this dialogue engine you can easily add text boxes with dialogue to your games. You can also add options that affect the dialogue or change variables. It's easy to change the speed of the text and colors or the sprite shown in the text box. Now you can add speech bubbles too.

Most important features:

  • Text boxes

  • Speech bubbles

  • Typewriter text

  • Options/choices that can affect the dialogue or change variables

  • Works with different views and camera

  • Very customizable

  • Incredibly easy to use

How is it used? Everything works with scripts. Every script has an explanation and an example. I have tried to make this dialogue engine as easy to use as possible.

How easy to use is it? For example, you can make an npc say something with this:

if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space) {
    if place_meeting(x,y,player) {
        if !textbox_exists() {
            textbox_create("Hello","How are you?");

And it will just work. : )

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.8.4. Published June 25, 2020


  • textbox_set script updated with a new argument: EnableMouse. If it's set true, mouse can be used to advance in dialogue and choose options. If you want to change the sprite of the box in the options, change it manually in the option objects.

  • Options now appear after the whole text has appeared.


  • When using speech bubbles, sometimes things were calculated incorrectly because of font size variations, now it's fixed.

GMS2.3 - Version 2.6.0. Published July 30, 2022


  • NEW SCRIPT: textbox_set_portrait() - It makes it easier to change the portrait sprite of the character during dialogue

  • Added a "settings area" in the textbox_create script. There you can change the default settings so that you don't need to call some scripts every time.


  • Updated manual

  • Added example of how to make dialogue loop one part (or change it completely) when talking to an npc again

  • Changed the color of text in example_npc7 slightly so there is more contrast

  • Removed make_colour_rgb from an example and used a hexadecimal color code instead

  • Edited some comments


  • Fixed animation bug. And now textbox animation speed can be changed more easily. For example this way: if textbox_exists(){textbox.image_speed = 0.1;}
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