UPDATED: Now compatible with Game Maker Studio 2!

Virtual joy provides you with a fully customisable and simple way to implement on screen joysticks.

Features and Highlights: Adjustable Deadzones 8 Included Themes Fully Customizable Works with any size image Mobile and Performance Friendly

Here is a sample implementation that would control our hero:

obj_Hero.x += obj_LeftJoy.normalx

obj_Hero.y += obj_LeftJoy.normaly

obj_Hero.image_angle = obj_RightJoy.normaldir

Any problems contact me via the support url and fixes will be implemented asap.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published September 8, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.180

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 20 March 2018


Very very nice~! High quality and inexpensive~!


Jayenne M 28 September 2017


Anonymous 19 August 2017

not too bad, better that others.

it works as it says, but it is limited of what it can do. I have been trying to use "if statements" to it
to add my animations and other effects. but how to do it? if someone can help me. I i'd give it 5 stars.


Rm2kdev (Publisher) 19 December 2017

Your animation states should simply be
If input.x > 0 then "image right"
if input.x < 0 then "image left"
if input.y < 0 then "image up"

very easy :)


Abdullah A 09 June 2017


Easy to use easy to edit


Liam W 02 May 2017

Best virtual joystick

This is legitimately the best virtual joystick you can get.
Thanks for this.


Jeffrey L 01 April 2017


The only problem I had with this was when you move the object diagonally, it would do a slight shake. To fix that, I simply used round().
You're code should look like this:
x += round(obj_LeftStick.normalx * 3);
y += round(obj_LeftStick.normaly * 3);
Everything else worked great!


Mark D 08 February 2017

Great script!

Worked first time and easy to edit.


ivan c 02 November 2016



David F 07 October 2015

Seems to do all that it says it does

That said, I am completely new to GML and Iam having a heck of a time trying to implement shooting with just the rightside joystick press. Is there any chance someone would be willing to do a small tutorial showing how to fully implement shooting/button presses using this asset? IE: Fire toward the images_angle and set firing speed while limiting the key press to just the right hand side.


Charles P 24 September 2015

Super Simple!

Great work. This was just what I needed.


Alex M 20 July 2015

Great asset!

Such a great asset, well documented and easy to understand code, once you can grasp the basic's of the joystick logic, it is almost identical to setting up a gamepad input system, worth getting!


Roelf M 01 July 2015

Very Good

Very good engine.just what i needed,would just like to know how to change the sprite according to the direction as i want to use it in a rpg type of game

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