A mixed bag of helpful scripts to get you started on your first game! Includes some helpful tips and room for customization.

  • watchme - a simple camera script with screen shake
  • camera script for pixel-perfect resizing of the application window and view
  • camera zoom
  • orbit an object in a circle around another
  • turn an object until it faces a direction
  • glue one object to another
  • simple lightning - see advanced version here:
  • holygrid simple version - adjust a variable until it matches another. see advanced version here:
  • draw crosshairs with any number of lines
  • draw the color spectrum
  • random color script
  • shortcut functions that create or scale objects
  • destroy the oldest object of a given type
  • simple math functions such as volume and magnitude

Similar scripts are grouped together and given a prefix to match their folder.

Looking for particle effects? Get them here:

Want more? Here is a link to everything by this author:

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 12.17.14

Now you can use the glue_to script to stick an object NEXT TO another object, instead of just on top of it. Added math_magnitude, which is useful for calculating offset needed for the glue_to script.

Version 12.17.14. Published December 17, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1474

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 15 August 2018

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous 18 February 2018


Anonymous 30 October 2017

Its very cool

Although, IDK how to use some codings, any documentation?


Kevin K 30 April 2017

Thank you.


Bart B 28 April 2017



davide m 27 February 2016

Amazing resource!

I'm sorry that i forgot to review this asset, when i started using it some time ago. I'm sorry cause this is one of the best resources you can find on the MP, and Ground Effect Games is one of the most brilliant and experienced publishers. I'm pretty sad to see that he's not added new assets since a while: i hope he's just busy and didn't leave the marketplace. It would be a huge loss :\


Ground Effect Games (Publisher) 28 November 2016


Reviews like this one are what keep me going. Life has kept me very busy. I have enjoyed game maker for many years and am not likely to abandon it. I have been slowly working on a few new products: Delta Tunes, Vector Drawing, and Epic Procedural Terrain. I originally wanted to release them this summer. Then I had a few mind-blowing ideas I wanted to try, and decided to take extra time to make these products really stand out.

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