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Unified. Simplified. Amplified.

With a history now spanning more than 20 years, GML has come a long way. However, organic growth has left many oddities, inconsistencies, and omissions behind.

That's where GML+ comes in: GML+ is a collection of useful functions and built-in variables designed to fill the gaps in vanilla GML and supplement it with quality-of-life enhancements it should've had all along.

Like GML itself, GML+ is not set in stone and will continue to grow with its parent language. What's more, most GML+ functions come with few external dependencies. You can pick-and-choose only the functions you need for your project. Now that's the best of both worlds!

Originally included as separate functions in other XGASOFT products, now you can have them all in one convenient package! Once you go GML+, you won't want to go back!

It features...

  • Automatic integration into your project--just import and start using it!
  • Additional language features, such as:
    • Universal data functions like foreach and is_empty
  • Built-in variables and macros, such as:
    • Extended mouse variables, unifying behavior with instances
    • Extended instance properties, creating new possibilities for game design
    • Frametime constants (easy delta_time)
  • Dozens of useful functions you always wished were part of vanilla GML, such as:
    • Extended array functions, unifying behavior with data structures
    • Extended data structure functions, unifying behavior among different types
    • Extended sprite functions, unifying behavior with new GMS2 features
    • Extended angle functions for trigonometry (robust lengthdir), reflections, and more
    • Interpolation with easing (robust lerp), including custom bezier and user-generated curves
    • Filesystem functions (robust file_find_*)
    • Timer functions (robust alarm)
    • String manipulation functions
    • Recursive struct functions
    • Even/odd number functions
    • Hex color functions
  • ... And more! See the complete documentation for details!

For a complete list of features, visit the online documentation!

More info

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published December 12, 2020

GMS1 - Version 1.0.0. Published December 28, 2020

GMS2.3 - Version 1.1.30. Published May 4, 2021

(Refers to full version)

  • Added ds_struct_copy for "deep cloning" structs and all contents (including other structs/arrays)
  • Added ds_struct_find_first, ds_struct_find_next, ds_struct_find_previous, ds_struct_find_last
  • Added support for objects to foreach (loops all instances of an object)
  • Improved wait timer accuracy when application is running below performance target
  • Fixed string_explode returning an empty first value if the delimeter doesn't exist in the string
    • Strings with no delimeters will now return the string as an array of one value as expected
  • Fixed string_implode returning a string with a delimeter even if only one array value exists
    • Strings will now only include delimeters when two or more array values exist as expected
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