• Live reloading of scenes upon file edits
  • Assets are referred to through the Game Maker project instead of loaded externally
  • No DLLs means that the engine can be used on any platform
  • The ability to pause a scripts execution via wait() and pause()
  • Executing user created GML scripts and passing in arguments to said scripts
  • Error reporting that doesn’t crash the game
  • Modify and read global/instance variables from GML
  • Built-in text functions including string splitting

Why would I use this instead of GML for animations/scenes?

It supports any GM game and provides an easy way to create scenes on the fly. With live reloading there is no need to restart your game to make changes. It can even be used alongside normal gameplay. For example you may want a character to shake and then swing a weapon, produces an attack object. Using the script_execute() function in the external scripts you can absolutely do that. This prevents you from having to spend hours on a simple scene or animation.

Scripting Documentation:

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Version 0.1.1. Published March 1, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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assetpackage.yy 6.16 KB datafiles datafiles_yy fonts objects rooms scripts sprites
spr_background spr_character_jisselle_angry spr_character_jisselle_excited spr_character_jisselle_happy spr_character_jisselle_idle spr_character_jisselle_sad spr_character_nathan_angry spr_character_nathan_happy spr_character_nathan_sad spr_empty spr_pixel spr_text_box0 spr_text_box1

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