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Welcome to the Input Buffer Asset.

Which is the purpose of using an Input Buffer? In short terms, Input buffering stores in a list all the inputs. This ispretty usefull when you are doing a fighting game and you want to do a combo mechanic. Without the Input Buffer you should hardcode lots of alarms in order to allow the player to have a margin between each move. Also it serves for a platformer if you want the player be able of jumping right after landing in the ground.

This Asset contains the project with the following resources:

Scripts -ib_create. -ib_get. -ib_key_check. -ib_key_check_ext. -ib_key_getpos. -ib_key_delete. -ib_clear.

Objects -Input.

+How it works? -When you have an instance where you want to use the Input Buffer you just have to use "ib_create" at the create event. Then you can use freely teh ib_key_check and ib_key_check_ext (which allows you to check for min lifetime of an input).

+What about ib_key_delete? -You will have to use it once you enter in the code checked by the ib_key_check or ib_key_check_ext, otherwise the input will still in the input buffer until it lifetime ends.

+What if I wanna change the lifetime of an input inside the Input Buffer? -Just enter inside the IB_MACROS and change the value of IB_MAX_TIME.

The asset also contains an "is_between" script which checks if a value is between other two. Other scripts uses it.

Right now it only allow to use the input buffer with the keyboard, but im on the way of doing it also with the gamepad.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.0. Published February 23, 2018

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