This extension created for search city by name, getting information about it and weather.

Used APIs:


  • Search cities by name on any language

  • Standart limit of search results - 25, but you can set your own limit

  • Search results includes geolocation id, full name and url that you can use to get more information

  • You can get information about current city like region, country, timezone, name, full name, population, geohash, latitude and longitude

  • Getting information about weather by geolocation id, name and coordinates

  • Downloading icons of weather

  • Easy to work

write in review where it has been useful for you, i'm really interested

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.2

  • Added loading icons in example

  • Improved appearance of example

Version 1.0.2. Published February 14, 2018

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1772

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 23 March 2018


Thank you Anonymous for sharing the fix to the problem :)


Anonymous 20 February 2018

array_create fix for GMS 1.4, Very cool project!!!

In your script "weather_decode" you use the following code
output[? 'codes']=array_create(0)

To my knowledge "array_create" is only used in GMS2 and this asset is listed for use with GMS1.4 which does not have this script
here is my fix for this issue plus my full review since the marketplace seems to cut the page off halfway through.

Outstanding work on these assets!!


Vishnya Games (Publisher) 20 February 2018

Functions array_create, array_copy, array_get and array_set exists in last versions of GMs 1.x, but they missed in documentations for gms(sorry for my bad English). Thanks for review! :)

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