A robust full featured video player for GameMaker: Studio 2.x base on Microsoft Media foundations.


• Extremely high performance (approx 6000 FPS on a GTX1080).

• Will playback any video types that Media Player supports.

• Play video direct to a surface and manipulate in your game how ever you see fit.

• Script-less integration. No scripts involved. All functions work as if they were native GML.

• Most extensive function set you will find for any video player on the marketplace.

Function List

• video_init

• video_release

• video_draw

• video_play

• video_pause

• video_get_current_time

• video_get_duration

• video_get_loop

• video_set_current_time

• video_set_loop

• video_set_sound_muted

• video_get_sound_muted

• video_set_sound_level

• video_get_sound_level

• video_get_rate

• video_set_rate


• GameMaker Studio 2.x Desktop

• Windows 8 and above

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published February 7, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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Matthew E 18 February 2018

Best GMS2 video player available


Samuel V 12 February 2018

Best Windows Video Player :D

I bought both this and the author's video player for Studio 1.4. This video player is wonderful! I get a solid 152/153 FPS with the default video. The video pauses when you drag it by the titlebar, just like how actual GMStudio games work outside of this extension, so it fits in and behaves consistently with how the runner does, which is cool. Everything about this extension I really like. There are no bugs whatsoever that I could detect, and this is WAY better than the deprecated DirectShow technology. I absolutely love where Microsoft is heading with their technology, and I'm super excited to say that I can now use this in my games without having to spend half a year, (or perhaps much longer in my case), to write this myself. This is a total steal and worth every penny, even if I bought it at full price! :D

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