A DeviantGUI Project is couple of scripts for installing advanced GUI systems, each UI Object can handle multiple panels, that contains all the other components of this GUI system.

Buy it on your own risk, cause no samples or tutorials are provided right now!

Code editor(just highlights keywords/constants/functions) requires ds_map filled with values.

Scheme must have a lot of values...

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Version 1.0.2. Published February 3, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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bfSize matrix_add_translate matrix_add_world matrix_circle matrix_nullvertex matrix_rect string_rpos uiAddButton uiAddCheckBox uiAddCodeEditor uiAddColorSelector uiAddDraggable uiAddFelloutItem uiAddFloat uiAddInt uiAddListItem uiAddRadioButton uiAddSeparator uiAddSprite uiAddText uiAddTexture uiAddTreeView uiBegin uiBeginGroup uiCircle uiClipBegin uiClipEnd uiColor uiColorSchemeBegin uiColorSchemeEnd uiColorSchemeSet uiColorSchemeUse uiDragEvent uiEnd uiEndGrop uiFancyStuffDraw uiFancyStuffEnqueue uiFelloutListBegin uiFelloutListEnd uiFlag uiGetValue uiInit uiInstanceFieldBegin uiInstanceFieldEnd uiListBegin uiListEnd uiLog2Array uiPack uiPanelBegin uiPanelDragEvent uiPanelEnd uiPointInUI uiRadioButtonSpaceBegin uiRadioButtonSpaceEnd uiRender uiRenderBegin uiRenderEnd uiScrollBegin uiScrollEnd uiSetFlagBit uiSetValue uiTabBegin uiTabEnd uiTabSpaceBegin uiTabSpaceEnd uiTreeViewGetListSize uiTriangulateColor uiValueArray uiVarTabBegin uiVarTabEnd uiVarTabSpaceBegin uiVarTabSpaceEnd
shaders sprites

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