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Connects to a host and port via UDP, transmits text-based data. Open source, will take some work on your end to get it working in your game.

You will need to have an iPV6 server which is one of the harder parts of this project. Once that is verified working (i had to use load balancers for Google Cloud Platform, you can test it using HTTP at first), you need to set your iOS Device to Wireless, not Lan, since your Lan is probably ipv4 and wont work with this.

Youll need to see if you can connect via ipv4 and use this as a failover. the best way to do that is to call network_resolve against your ipv6 URL, and if it gets "" as a return value, failover to your ipv4.

sorry, this really sucks, but it works. my netcode only sends strings except for a "Tap" optimized deal that sends integer bytes, youll need to get into the Objective C to customize it to your own gamer's data.

if nothing else this is a good starting off point. This will crash if it isnt objective C++ (mm), you may be able to figure out how to use objective c (m), I couldnt.

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Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 1.0.2. Published January 19, 2018

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