A developers console that allows you to define your own commands and execute them in game!

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Version 1.2.0. Published January 6, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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Andre T 11 January 2018

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assetpackage.yy 6.17 KB fonts objects rooms scripts
wjs_devconsole_action_exec wjs_devconsole_action_output_clear wjs_devconsole_action_output_file wjs_devconsole_action_say wjs_devconsole_add_last_command wjs_devconsole_command_add wjs_devconsole_command_execute wjs_devconsole_command_exists wjs_devconsole_destroy wjs_devconsole_draw wjs_devconsole_get_arguments wjs_devconsole_get_command_key wjs_devconsole_get_last_command wjs_devconsole_get_open wjs_devconsole_init wjs_devconsole_output_clear wjs_devconsole_output_error wjs_devconsole_output_message wjs_devconsole_set_open

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