Simple Particle Editor is an asset that adds to game maker a complete functioning in-room particle editor so you can design, test and develop your particle systems right inside game maker without ever having to write a single line of particle code again!

Updates: Added enable / disable toggles Added size editor Added new demo scene

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.1. Published January 2, 2018

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 20 March 2018


john k 20 February 2018


Anonymous 02 January 2018

Solid, Well rounded and easy to use

Thank you for providing this for free. It makes it much easier to add flair to my prototypes quickly.


Diego P 02 January 2018

Really helpful

Has everything


Robert F 02 January 2018

Works perfectly, I love it!

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assetpackage.yy 1.46 KB objects rooms sprites
spr_Part_Kenny spr_Part_System spr_Puff_Large
0ef3da16-7777-4075-b017-96362b44c941.png 121 KB 1d2eecc1-69d5-4ce0-ba62-c129c144a61a.png 122 KB 343f1cf8-f1f5-43a9-bc5d-3664ec845f2c.png 113 KB 4ee283b1-a059-4dfc-9790-105d0cc31dc2.png 122 KB 57d91bbc-528c-462c-9520-28a54ca2439a.png 121 KB 58a2e80a-e6ae-4f7b-8746-9bcee39b7e5d.png 110 KB 70eea70c-feea-468e-bd52-938bf15c179c.png 122 KB a44bae32-8b6c-4738-8e57-c6b89fb829e6.png 126 KB a81317b5-ad1f-4c31-9fd3-c132208336c3.png 105 KB ab0f5eeb-9c03-4f6a-81f4-df5eacb51176.png 119 KB be8c80aa-825d-418a-a8b0-6188edbf08d4.png 115 KB c0a0cd0d-c3ec-43ef-8ab3-faa61ffcfed0.png 115 KB c383cb6b-79cf-4b03-8e41-9ad451e5b6fd.png 125 KB c6eb9602-db3e-433d-92ea-8165c9d4fe8b.png 117 KB d0d37253-b4df-49ea-a0be-da8f15183b3a.png 120 KB e159b5b8-f58e-47e0-86c1-5d16119bffea.png 122 KB ecf8ac2b-abc1-4856-8fcf-30f4075a4f42.png 111 KB ee6f6781-4258-4f08-af19-c1c743e72c01.png 125 KB f7833cf7-7935-47c5-a988-547cb9db50f8.png 105 KB spr_Puff_Large.yy 18.2 KB layers
0ef3da16-7777-4075-b017-96362b44c941 1d2eecc1-69d5-4ce0-ba62-c129c144a61a 343f1cf8-f1f5-43a9-bc5d-3664ec845f2c 4ee283b1-a059-4dfc-9790-105d0cc31dc2 57d91bbc-528c-462c-9520-28a54ca2439a 58a2e80a-e6ae-4f7b-8746-9bcee39b7e5d 70eea70c-feea-468e-bd52-938bf15c179c a44bae32-8b6c-4738-8e57-c6b89fb829e6 a81317b5-ad1f-4c31-9fd3-c132208336c3 ab0f5eeb-9c03-4f6a-81f4-df5eacb51176 be8c80aa-825d-418a-a8b0-6188edbf08d4 c0a0cd0d-c3ec-43ef-8ab3-faa61ffcfed0 c383cb6b-79cf-4b03-8e41-9ad451e5b6fd c6eb9602-db3e-433d-92ea-8165c9d4fe8b d0d37253-b4df-49ea-a0be-da8f15183b3a e159b5b8-f58e-47e0-86c1-5d16119bffea ecf8ac2b-abc1-4856-8fcf-30f4075a4f42 ee6f6781-4258-4f08-af19-c1c743e72c01 f7833cf7-7935-47c5-a988-547cb9db50f8

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