Welcome to Kingdom Isle, Adventure RPG Game: Graphics for demonstration only. 112 Sold, Thank you! Leave more Reviews please, Thanks again.

*Includes 2 stage boss battle. *Explore the Kingdom, *Find weapons and items,
*Solve puzzles, kill enemies,
*Interact with the world around you.
*Defeat the evil Iron Eye and save the Kingdom!

Weapons include: *Pitchfork *Bombs *Bow *Arrows *Golden Arrow

Items Include: *Wishing Well *10 Total Heart Containers *Blue Key *Green Key *Bronze Key *Iron Eye's Eye *Gold Bar

Enemies: *Shadow Flame Head *Flame Head *Blue Dragon *Rats *World Spikes

Graphics for demonstration only.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 12.0.0. Published February 24, 2018

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1772

Age Rating: 12+

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Alexander R 28 March 2019


George H 13 May 2018

I like it but...

I try to run it and no sound plays from the game at all. The gamemaker program itself can play sounds if i try them out but the game when i play has no sounds. Help!


Dave Martinez (Publisher) 04 December 2018

Not sure what the problem is.... I just tested this and don't have the same results.
Try importing it again in a new game.

Are you using GMS2? I dont have a copy, maybe GMS2 has different line of code for audio.


Stefan R 06 February 2018


works great. Can't wait to use this for my Project. Keep up that great Work Dave :)

i think a "grid based movement" would be better for a RPG like this in my opinion^^ May you could think about it

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