this is a very basic turn based combat system with a enemy player, health management, and game over logic.

The game is a functional example, however it still has some issues. -the AI can only do 1 of 2 moves -the AI currently can't do any kind of prediction and doesn't know anything about itself.
-there is a difficultly slider but it's buried deep in the script. -there is no logic for effects, so no poison, burns, freezing, sleeping or the like -the player can only pick between 2 moves and they choose via a pop up window.

but there are some plus sides -start up, turns in battle, and win/lose logic are all defined and functional -everything is handled through one script, placed multiple times throughout a single object, with a fully functional example. -sprites for individual attacks and players are defined and trigger via script. so if your an artist who struggles with coding this is a great asset for you. all the coding is done, and you can just swap out my "art" for your art. -there is a fully functional example of the code in the asset. much like the example projects in game maker, only not as good looking.
-there is a full demo in the link below you can play for free to see if this is the asset for you

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published December 25, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1773

Age Rating: 4+

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Backgrounds Objects Rooms Scripts Sprites 673 Bytes 1.87 KB 1.89 KB 677 Bytes 1.96 KB 1.98 KB images
SprAIAttack2_0.png 96 Bytes SprAIAttack2_1.png 122 Bytes SprAIAttack2_10.png 170 Bytes SprAIAttack2_11.png 161 Bytes SprAIAttack2_12.png 165 Bytes SprAIAttack2_13.png 167 Bytes SprAIAttack2_14.png 167 Bytes SprAIAttack2_15.png 169 Bytes SprAIAttack2_16.png 178 Bytes SprAIAttack2_17.png 181 Bytes SprAIAttack2_18.png 179 Bytes SprAIAttack2_19.png 178 Bytes SprAIAttack2_2.png 125 Bytes SprAIAttack2_20.png 178 Bytes SprAIAttack2_21.png 178 Bytes SprAIAttack2_22.png 96 Bytes SprAIAttack2_3.png 130 Bytes SprAIAttack2_4.png 140 Bytes SprAIAttack2_5.png 145 Bytes SprAIAttack2_6.png 147 Bytes SprAIAttack2_7.png 154 Bytes SprAIAttack2_8.png 159 Bytes SprAIAttack2_9.png 167 Bytes SprAIAttack_0.png 225 Bytes SprAIAttack_1.png 233 Bytes SprAIAttack_10.png 200 Bytes SprAIAttack_11.png 193 Bytes SprAIAttack_12.png 191 Bytes SprAIAttack_13.png 187 Bytes SprAIAttack_14.png 184 Bytes SprAIAttack_15.png 181 Bytes SprAIAttack_16.png 177 Bytes SprAIAttack_17.png 177 Bytes SprAIAttack_18.png 175 Bytes SprAIAttack_19.png 172 Bytes SprAIAttack_2.png 228 Bytes SprAIAttack_20.png 170 Bytes SprAIAttack_21.png 164 Bytes SprAIAttack_22.png 225 Bytes SprAIAttack_3.png 225 Bytes SprAIAttack_4.png 229 Bytes SprAIAttack_5.png 226 Bytes SprAIAttack_6.png 220 Bytes SprAIAttack_7.png 217 Bytes SprAIAttack_8.png 212 Bytes SprAIAttack_9.png 208 Bytes SprAI_0.png 2.06 KB SprPlayerAttack2_0.png 96 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_1.png 119 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_10.png 167 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_11.png 159 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_12.png 165 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_13.png 166 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_14.png 166 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_15.png 168 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_16.png 175 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_17.png 177 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_18.png 176 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_19.png 174 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_2.png 122 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_20.png 175 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_21.png 173 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_22.png 96 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_3.png 127 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_4.png 137 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_5.png 144 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_6.png 144 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_7.png 151 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_8.png 156 Bytes SprPlayerAttack2_9.png 164 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_0.png 225 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_1.png 233 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_10.png 199 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_11.png 194 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_12.png 192 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_13.png 187 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_14.png 185 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_15.png 182 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_16.png 178 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_17.png 177 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_18.png 174 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_19.png 172 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_2.png 228 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_20.png 170 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_21.png 165 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_22.png 225 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_3.png 224 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_4.png 229 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_5.png 226 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_6.png 220 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_7.png 217 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_8.png 212 Bytes SprPlayerAttack_9.png 208 Bytes SprPlayer_0.png 2.27 KB

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