The project source code to iDefLite, the game is available to download for free at

iDef is a modern version of the original game of snake. The game is not the conventional eat-to-expand game that first appeared in the eighties, movement is limited to left and right only, turning drops a deflector which you bounce off. The game also has 3 different modes.

The game has an Amiga demo style title screen with the obligatory star field and bouncing logo!

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Version 1.0.0. Published December 4, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Tony B 12 December 2017

An excellent example of coding special effects.

I bought this project after having a look at the game on and seeing the source is for sale. It wasn't so much for the game, as it's good to play, but I'm pretty new so good example source is awesome.

After buying this it's obvious the author isn't harping on enough about how valuable a resource this actually is for us new users of GMS 2.

There's example code here on using Tiles, Sprite effects, File I/O stuff to save/load config data & scores, some very nice scripting routines that can easily be re-used in your work & some clever use of Particle effects for Starfields. The credit screen logo is mint.

Additionally it uses TweenGMS so it's a valuable resource if you don't really get that, like I didn't at first.

If you look at the excellent presentation of the game itself, rather than the actual game, then it's a no-brainer to want to see how some of this stuff is done in the code. Especially the clever game logo animations.

Buy this code in case the price goes up.

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