Con este motor podras utilizar los joysticks y los botones de saltar y disparar Se puede adaptar a cualquier juego de plataformas

With this engine you can use joysticks and buttons to jump and shoot You can adapt any platform game

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.1. Published September 2, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.182

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 23 December 2015


Tengo un pequeño problema, lo compro , pero cuando se abre el fabricante del juego , el personaje empieza a caminar automática hacia delante y recoger las monedas de forma automática , como una solución! ¡Gracias !


Patrick B 22 October 2015

real dissapointing

1. everything is in spain WTF if you understand how gml works you can customize some things but!
2. if you change the hero sprite he gets stucked in everything

Nice idea but at least an alpha Version


Anonymous 31 March 2015

Very hard

Very difficult to apply it to your own projects. It must be that; example if joystick left; your left key if joystick right; your right key. And why not use english, global.language=English!?. I'm still trying to implement!
Now jump ok, weapon ok. But left and right not!!!
Last I try it but not working:
if right_device_id > -1
keyboard_key_press (vk_right);
keyboard_key_release (vk_right);

if left_device_id > -1
keyboard_key_press (vk_left);
keyboard_key_release (vk_left);


Obaid G 25 February 2015

No Instructions at all!!

Can you please provide some instructions in how to get this working?


HMGames (Publisher) 25 February 2015

Claro obaid en estos días te envío las instrucciones


tomas D 21 February 2015

Es muy bueno

recomiendo comprarlo
muy buena experiencia


HMGames (Publisher) 23 February 2015

Gracias Tomas!
Resolviste el problema?


Chong ; 05 September 2014

Fixed via email

The author sent me his project .gmz via email and that fixed my problem.

The .gmez import won't work though (v1.01).


HMGames (Publisher) 01 September 2014

No debería dar ese error pero lo vamos a revisar y axtualizar! Gracias x informar del error!

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