Delta Time is a very important concept to understand about how video games work. This example was painstakingly created from scratch to be as easy to grasp as possible.

Need a simplified explanation? Here it is!

Delta time is how long one step takes to execute. It is used to compensate for lag so that players will not notice.

  • Delta Time = microseconds per frame
  • FPS = frames per second

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Version 8.29.14. Published August 29, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.182

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Anonymous 15 August 2018

And it is for GMS2 also! Good work as usual!


Tiago S 27 March 2018

gms 1.4 ?

gms 1.4 download?


Ground Effect Games (Publisher) 14 June 2018

Once you add the asset by clicking the big green button above, the download can be accessed through "marketplace" -> "my library" dropdown menu in GMS 1.4


Daniel B 23 November 2017


Waldemar R 03 March 2015

quality code, very useful for self education

I have learned so much from your code.

Thank You.


Tristano A 24 November 2014

Good Example

A simple example of how to implement Delta Time in GMS. It deliberately contains the minimum elements possible, so that all focus goes on Delta Time in a distraction-free manner. The code is well commented. Run it, examine all the code attached to the objects and off you go: you know how to implement Delta Time! An example project is better than reading a tutorial, it's easier to grasp. Thanks for sharing it.


Anonymous 01 September 2014

Great little example

Simple and straight forword example that quickly helped me understand delta timing.

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