Just an old 3D forward rendering shader code that I'm sharing. HLSL 9

A few technical issues with this implementation, use for learning purposes only.

CONDITIONS OF USE: No support for assets. Support emails regarding this asset will not be answered.

You may use any of these shaders in your game(s), paid or free. eg: GameJolt, Steam, own website are permitted.

You may not redistribute any of the shaders/examples on the Yoyogames Marketplace, paid or free as projects, extensions, shaders, etc are not permitted.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published November 2, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1773

Age Rating: 4+

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mason t 29 March 2019


Anonymous 06 November 2018


Foxy O 22 November 2017


There's a bug on screen when I remove the ceiling
The screen surface draws repeatedly.


xygthop3's Shader Resources (Publisher) 08 January 2018

Easy fix -

Edit the scr_deferred_final_pass() script and add this on line 7 - draw_clear(c_black);


Ali A 02 November 2017

Its surprised

Thank you for share Your 3D experience and shader in GMS

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