This script pack gives you the ability to create detailed ("fake") 3D objects with stacking each subimage in a sprite as an new layer.

New Functions:

  • Draw sprite 3D

    draw_sprite_3d(sprite, x, y, quality, rotation)

  • Draw sprite 3D ext

    draw_sprite_3d_ext(sprite, pixel height, quality, x, y, xscale, yscale, extrusion yscale, rotation, color, alpha)

  • Draw shadow 3D

    draw_shadow_3d(sprite, pixel height, distance, x, y, xscale, yscale, rotation, angle, alpha)

[More functions under construction...]

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  • "This is a really nice trick mate! I didn't realise you can do this. I can see many cool application for this in small jam games and a fun cheap 3D effect to use to remake retro games and make new worlds." - Morne Booysen

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Version 1.0.8. Published April 12, 2018

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1567

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 12 July 2018


Maciej K 17 June 2018


PKG A 26 October 2017

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