GameMaker (2.0 - 2.2.x)

Auto-Tile Templates

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A pack of templates for the new GMS2 auto-tiling feature. Each preset (16 tiles & 47 tiles) comes in 5 different resolutions: 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 and 128x128. For different resolutions you can always scale the current ones to whatever you need. Keep in mind that there is no spacing between tiles so I recommend activating grid preview in your preferred image editor for easy editing!

These are not pre-made tilesets, simply the guidelines to creating your own without hastle.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Age Rating: 4+


GMS2 - Version 0.1.0. Published November 5, 2017

  • Made each template into a Tile Set
  • Setup auto-tile for each Tile Set

    • Fixed Resolution bugs in some 16 tile Tilesets and all 47 tile Tilesets
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