Wrapper extension porting full access to command line tool. With this extension you can create native cmd projects in pure gml. Console supports input / output, colors (foreground + background), hide / show, title, cursor position and more. All is done by bunch of functions using namespace console_:

console_create() -> Initilazies console window
console_set_title(title) -> Sets name of the console window
console_readln() -> Reads next line of input and returns it as a string variable
console_set_color(intColor) -> Sets writing color; Colors are listed here:
console_get_color() -> Returns currently used color
console_clear() -> Clears console window
console_set_cursor_pos(x, y) -> Sets cursor position, next write command will start here
console_get_cursor_posX() -> Returns XPart of cursor as real
console_get_cursor_posY() -> Returns YPart of cursor as real
console_write(text) -> Writes text, note that this doesn't break to new line after execution (still splits long lines though)
console_writeln(text) -> The same but creates new line after execution
console_hide() -> Hides console window
console_show() -> Render console window visible

Console window is capable of listening to the gmDebug window and therefore it accepts debug_ commands as well. Entire solution is secure, robust and runs on it's own thread. C++ source code included.

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Version 1.1. Published October 30, 2017

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