It supports both GMS1 and GMS2

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Disclaimer This is complete game engine if you want to make a game with similar game mechanic like the game Balls vs Blocks. It's purpose is not to allow releasing clones of this great game but to learn and speed up development process of games with such mechanic. It will allow you to experiment with such concept.

Engine features

  • Complete game
  • Pause on system interruptions
  • sound on/off button
  • Rate, twitter, more games buttons
  • sending scores to Game Center / Game Play Services. Leaderboard button which will bring up system specific leaderboard.
  • Saving and loading game params (options, high_scores)
  • draw_text_outlined script for drawing outlined text with various parameters
  • Main menu and game over screen
  • in game effects
  • buttons effects
  • sounds


This game engine uses great TweenGMS Pro extension which can be found here.

For any questions related to this extension please ask the author.

In game sounds were made using BFXR

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.4. Published August 31, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1772

Age Rating: 4+

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omid g 24 December 2017



Handi W 31 October 2017


The developer is very helpful if you have any problems with the asset. It is not only one time he did excellent support, also for another previous engine i purchased before. Amazing! 5/5 definitely!


SmallBigSquare (Publisher) 01 November 2017

Thanks for the review Handi!

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Total size 221 KB

Balls vs Blocks Game 6.61 KB Balls vs Blocks Game Engine
Fonts Objects Rooms Scripts Sounds Sprites 1.25 KB 1010 Bytes 679 Bytes 685 Bytes 687 Bytes 685 Bytes 685 Bytes 690 Bytes 689 Bytes 688 Bytes 678 Bytes 678 Bytes 1.08 KB 677 Bytes 681 Bytes 676 Bytes 681 Bytes 679 Bytes 676 Bytes 676 Bytes 676 Bytes images

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