Available for GMS1.4 and GMS2

Note when using the GMS2 version: make sure in the options > windows you set scaling to full scale and click "interpolate pixels between colours" otherwise, well, it looks very pixelated.

Play the HTML5 version here:

A full-featured 2048 game engine.

  • Fully animated.
  • Small code base and well commented.
  • Customizable. Allows you to select any board size (though I put one line of code to limit it to 6x6, just so that it fits on screen. You could remove it if you wanted and choose something like 10x10). You can change the speed of the moving instances etc.

  • Can move/press keys as fast as you want without issues. The underlying game is basically a 2d array that represents the grid, everything is changed there as soon as you press the key. The moving instances are simply created on top of that.

Keyboard controls:

  • Up/Down/Left/Right; Move
  • S/L; Save/Load
  • U; Undo last move
  • 3: New Game

Changes in .103

  • You can continue the game if you win/reach 2048.
  • High score
  • New effects. Can be selected in options.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.3

  • Added combine effects. (Default effects are horizontal and vertical "flip")
  • Removes 10% of score when loading (so there's a reason not to spam load/save if you want to beat the high score)
  • Added high score
  • Probably a couple of other things I forgot.

Version 1.0.3. Published September 27, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1773

Age Rating: 4+

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Another 2048 3.17 KB Another 2048 Engine
Objects Rooms Scripts Sounds Sprites 669 Bytes 686 Bytes 919 Bytes 1.13 KB 1.23 KB 690 Bytes 738 Bytes 676 Bytes 1.65 KB 686 Bytes 741 Bytes images
msk_1px_0.png 68 Bytes spr_a2048eng_0.png 6.31 KB spr_chain_combo_0.png 372 Bytes spr_chain_combo_1.png 372 Bytes spr_chain_combo_2.png 339 Bytes spr_chain_combo_3.png 579 Bytes spr_chain_combo_4.png 656 Bytes spr_font1_0.png 217 Bytes spr_font1_1.png 142 Bytes spr_font1_2.png 210 Bytes spr_font1_3.png 214 Bytes spr_font1_4.png 187 Bytes spr_font1_5.png 181 Bytes spr_font1_6.png 240 Bytes spr_font1_7.png 172 Bytes spr_font1_8.png 243 Bytes spr_font1_9.png 237 Bytes spr_font_numbers_md_0.png 314 Bytes spr_font_numbers_md_1.png 174 Bytes spr_font_numbers_md_2.png 285 Bytes spr_font_numbers_md_3.png 314 Bytes spr_font_numbers_md_4.png 257 Bytes spr_font_numbers_md_5.png 262 Bytes spr_font_numbers_md_6.png 351 Bytes spr_font_numbers_md_7.png 218 Bytes spr_font_numbers_md_8.png 382 Bytes spr_font_numbers_md_9.png 341 Bytes spr_no_more_moves_0.png 4.88 KB spr_save_load_0.png 315 Bytes spr_save_load_1.png 287 Bytes spr_star_0.png 168 Bytes spr_tile_0.png 671 Bytes spr_tile_1.png 607 Bytes spr_tile_10.png 1.24 KB spr_tile_11.png 1.24 KB spr_tile_12.png 1.01 KB spr_tile_13.png 1010 Bytes spr_tile_14.png 1.02 KB spr_tile_15.png 1.04 KB spr_tile_16.png 1.12 KB spr_tile_17.png 1.22 KB spr_tile_18.png 1.04 KB spr_tile_19.png 768 Bytes spr_tile_2.png 802 Bytes spr_tile_3.png 804 Bytes spr_tile_4.png 825 Bytes spr_tile_5.png 876 Bytes spr_tile_6.png 961 Bytes spr_tile_7.png 1007 Bytes spr_tile_8.png 845 Bytes spr_tile_9.png 1005 Bytes spr_tile_place_0.png 441 Bytes spr_you_win_0.png 3.18 KB spr_you_win_1.png 2.6 KB

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