This asset contains both GameMaker: Studios and GameMaker Studio 2 versions.

This project contains over 100 enemy AI for a 2D platformer ranging from simple, stationary objects and hazards to complex, multi-phase bosses. Inspiration for the enemies in this pack were drawn from old NES games such as Metroid, Megaman, and Zelda 2, through more recent games such as Cave Stories, Rogue Legacy, Dead Cells, and Hollow Knight. If you buy the pack and the enemy you were hoping for is not included, let me know.

This pack is designed to be comprehensive and easy to use. In addition to clean and commented code, a number of the enemies contain a debug mode, where various elements of their AI can be drawn to the screen. The enemies are ordered in folders according to types and complexity of code, and the pack can also serve as a good learning tool to basic gml functions. Simply put the enemies you want in the test room to see how they work.

Despite what the preview tab says, this asset contains full versions for GameMaker: Studios and GameMaker Studio 2. If you purchase this asset and are unable to download either version, just let me know.

This Pack Contains:

  • 100+ Enemy AI, including
  • Stationary Enemies
  • Walking Enemies
  • Flying Enemies
  • Jumping Enemies
  • Multi-Object Enemies
  • Enemies that spawn Enemies
  • Bosses
  • and more...
  • A variety of projectiles, including
  • Straight Shots
  • Tracking Shots
  • Bouncing Balls
  • Orbitals
  • Explosions
  • and more...
  • A playable character (move, jump, hover, climb ladders, attack)
  • Clean Comment Code

Important notes:

  • This pack does not have art. All sprites are simple geometric shapes.
  • This pack does not have sound.
  • This pack does not contain any enemies with true pathfinding.
  • Contact me with questions as I will provide continuing support.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published August 31, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 9+

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Irvin M 28 March 2019

Irvin Mujcin

My god this is one of the best script tutorial and assets in market place.


Anonymous 23 February 2019

The most useful asset I've purchased

There's lots of stuff in this asset. All well commented and easy to understand. The dev was very informative and willing to answer any questions I had. I'd highly recommend!


Anonymous 31 January 2019


Anonymous 13 November 2018


Herbert F 07 August 2018

Varied enemy designs will inspire you. Dev is fast

I found a bug with one of the enemies fairly quickly when testing the enemy concepts in the pack. Upon reaching out to the dev, I was offered not only a response - but also a humble apology for the oversight and a code to fix the bug in roughly 12 hours. Now, I'm not going to say this will always be the case for this dev, but that first impression is crazy in the best way.

The pack itself is awesome. You'll place some enemies in the room, playtest to see what they do, and if you're anything like me, you'll wonder why most of the enemies don't seem to do anything. This is just because the enemies react rather slowly - believe me that they are all as varied and as inspiring as you would expect from a product touting itself as a "Massive pack" for AI.

As for the enemies reacting slowly, obviously this is all stuff you as the developer are free to mess around with if you choose to use any of these ideas for your game. Definitely not an issue with the developer at all.


Oscar T 19 July 2018

Awesome! Couldn't ask for more!

You'll need a bit of GM programming knowledge in order to adjust the enemies and variables to your game, but after a few easy tweaks, you'll have at your disposal a vast range of enemy behaviours to choose from. It's great!!


Gadyka 5 17 May 2018


Anonymous 12 May 2018


Philip B 09 May 2018


I am a complete newbie at game development and this AI pack has helped me FINALLY publish my first game. The assets are easy to place and modify. The AI coding is relatively simple to understand at a glance but complex enough that you can have a variety of unique enemies that really enhance your project. I cannot recommend this enough.


John K 15 February 2018

A great boilerplate asset

Definitely recommend this over the default Yoyo platformer template for example. Better use of states, well structured, simple to follow and extend upon, haven't found a single bug yet. Also it is available for use with GMS2 as specified.

My recommendation to the author is to add more rooms showcasing the different enemies as a sample - would help developers with a quickstart reference guide. To the credit of the author, there are 4 rooms provided and MANY available enemies, so it's still great.


Marcos C 07 January 2018


Marcus L 16 December 2017


almog b 22 November 2018



Anonymous 29 September 2017


Alexander R 09 September 2017

Perfect! Works with GMS2!

UPDATE: In addition to my first impressions, I can confirm that this asset works wonders and is conflict-free. I'm actually quite impressed how friendly this asset is with my many others, considering the breadth of content here and the technical complexity of my game. The AI itself is simple yet flexible. Once you add sprites and sounds to your AI, it all clicks together to create a completely satisfying entity! Now that I've spent proper time with it, I highly recommend this asset!

I admit I've only spent a couple of minutes on this asset so far, mostly to see how much of it is compatible with GameMaker Studio 2. Fortunately, it works out of the box! By this I mean, there are no immediate errors and all the rooms are testable. Everything seems to be fully functional. I'll experiment and come back if something needs fixing, but since this asset is designed to be basic, I don't foresee any problems. As for the asset itself, it's exactly what you expect!


SamSpadeGameDev (Publisher) 07 September 2017

That's great to hear. If you do run into any issues with GMS 2, just let me know. I'd love to fix them as I intend to port it over at some point.


Hoang T 07 September 2017

Nice, all ai working perfectly

Please add more ai types like those in Mario,Sonic,Castle Vania if you could,


SamSpadeGameDev (Publisher) 08 September 2017

If you wanted to send me a message with some specific requests, I could probably add them. I'm not very familiar with Sonic or Castlevania though, so you might have to be specific about the exact enemy type and behaviors you're looking for.

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