Regular Expressions Bundle is an extension that provides lightning fast, native regular expressions for your GameMaker: Studio games!

This bundle contains regular expression extensions for Android, iOS and Windows!

This asset includes a full demo showing you how every function works and what they return for all supported platforms.

Six reasons why you should start using regular expressions today:

  • Mastering regular expressions can make you feel like a wizard straight out of Hogwarts!
  • If your needs are simple, your regular expressions will be simple.
  • Regular expressions equal shorter code! You can replace those pesky 10 lines validating an e-mail with just 1 regex pattern.
  • They'll save you valuable time. Do you want to write 5 lines, or do you want to write 1 string? You want the string, right?
  • There's a regex pattern for every string you need to match.
  • Regular expressions are at the top of the list of code that's fun to write!





More features may be added per request, provided you have you purchased the asset.

Supports applicable Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

By purchasing this pack, you may use it freely for all non-commercial and commercial use in your personal projects. If this asset is required in a project that is not rightfully owned by you, this asset must be purchased by the rightful owner of the project.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published August 24, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.182

Age Rating: 4+

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Francisco D 14 December 2016

Great features!!

I wanted to ask something, what is the out put of the search method?!

I have the string "aaaa#[5,6]aaaaaa#[4,1]"

and I want to search for "#\[(\d),(\d)\]"

to retrieve 5 and 6
and 4 and the 1

will it find multiple matches? with multiple groups how are the matches separated? and the groups?
will the output be "5,6,4,1"?

Then replace the values with variables from a ds_grid:
grid_a[# 5, 6] (value 34) and grid_a[# 4, 1] (value 2)

ending up with "aaaa34aaaaaa2"

Is this possible to do, with your asset?

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