A simple GUI based inventory system. This system uses a series of DS Maps and DS Lists to create an easily resizeable inventory. There are a total of 65 scripts to see and control every aspect of the inventory system.

Easy Setup

inventory = scr_init_inventory("Inventory Name", Visible?);
tab1 = scr_inventory_tab_init(Inventory, "Tab Name", X, Y, GridWidth, GridHeight, CellSize, CellPadding, MaxStack, QuantityDisplay, Visible?);

Setting up Views & Scrollbars in tab

scr_set_tab_view(Inventory, "Tab Name", XStart, YStart, XEnd, YEnd);
scr_set_tab_scrollbar(Inventory, "Tab Name", Enabled?, Placement, Start, Finish, Position);


  • Quickstacking items in tab

  • Merging contents of one tab to tab

  • Organize tab contents

  • Clear tab contents

  • Views inside tab

  • Easy click to move tab

  • Swapping two items positions in an inventory

  • Selecting & Locking items

Extra Scripts

  • Example tooltip design (Was not designed to work with the inventory, only an example of how to go about making one)

  • Multiclicking (double, triple, quad, ect... clicking)

  • String splitting to an array using a delimiter

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published August 10, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 16 January 2018


Mattia T 16 November 2017


Anonymous 23 September 2017

never mind


Anonymous 15 August 2017


Inventory system has tons of well thought out scripts.


John M 15 August 2017

Just what i was after....

Ive been working on a 'Survival' game and after a Inventory system ..
Then, there was one there .. for free .. you cant get better than free ..
Does everything it should ..
If only the next update came with a Crafting System ..?? :)

Package contents

Total size 71.8 KB

assetpackage.yy 29.6 KB fonts objects rooms scripts
scr_clear_cell scr_clear_tab scr_deselect_all_cells scr_get_cell_at_grid_pos scr_get_cell_at_pos scr_get_cell_gridX scr_get_cell_gridY scr_get_cell_locked scr_get_cell_object scr_get_cell_quantity scr_get_cell_selected scr_get_cell_x scr_get_cell_y scr_get_inventory_at_pos scr_get_inventory_locked scr_get_inventory_name scr_get_inventory_visible scr_get_tab_at_pos scr_get_tab_cellSize scr_get_tab_grid_height scr_get_tab_grid_width scr_get_tab_hooked scr_get_tab_locked scr_get_tab_maxStack scr_get_tab_padding scr_get_tab_pixel_height scr_get_tab_pixel_width scr_get_tab_quantityDisplay scr_get_tab_scrollbar_direction scr_get_tab_scrollbar_enabled scr_get_tab_scrollbar_pos scr_get_tab_scrollbar_posMax scr_get_tab_scrollbar_posMin scr_get_tab_view_height scr_get_tab_view_pixel_height scr_get_tab_view_pixel_width scr_get_tab_view_width scr_get_tab_visible scr_get_tab_visXEnd scr_get_tab_visXStart scr_get_tab_visYEnd scr_get_tab_visYStart scr_get_tab_x scr_get_tab_y scr_init_inventory scr_inventory_destroy scr_inventory_draw scr_inventory_tab_init scr_merge_tab_to_tab scr_multiclick scr_multiclick_init scr_organize_tab scr_quickstack_tab scr_set_cell_locked scr_set_cell_object scr_set_cell_quantity scr_set_cell_selected scr_set_cell_visible scr_set_tab_cellSize scr_set_tab_hooked scr_set_tab_locked scr_set_tab_maxStack scr_set_tab_padding scr_set_tab_position scr_set_tab_quantityDisplay scr_set_tab_scrollbar scr_set_tab_scrollbar_hooked scr_set_tab_scrollbar_pos scr_set_tab_sprites scr_set_tab_view scr_split scr_swap_cells scr_tooltip scr_tooltip_draw_container scr_tooltip_draw_description scr_tooltip_draw_icon scr_tooltip_draw_quantity scr_tooltip_draw_subtitle scr_tooltip_draw_title
spr_background spr_cell spr_lock spr_object spr_object1 spr_object2 spr_object3 spr_object4 spr_object5 spr_object6 spr_object7 spr_object8 spr_object9 spr_scrollbar spr_selected spr_tab

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