GameMaker Studio 2 only.

3D Water Shader


  • Reflections
  • Refraction
  • Depth Fog
  • Specular
  • Edge Foam
  • Simple Caustics

This shader is demanding and requires at least an add-in video card. The shader will not perform sufficiently with a on-board video chipset (eg: Intel Integrated Graphics Chipset). Another cut-down version of this shader will be added in the future to support low-end cards.

The asset is provided as is and no support emails will be answered. I will add features and fix bugs in the future when my time permits. As I'm offering this asset for free, don't expect any support.

You may not redistribute any of the shaders/examples (complete, partial or modified) on the Yoyogames Marketplace, private websites, paid or free as projects, extensions, shaders, etc are not permitted.


End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 0.0.1. Published July 4, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Yihang X 31 December 2017


Anonymous 23 December 2017


Jason C 05 September 2017

Very nice!

An amazing effort!


Anonymous 13 July 2017

Package contents

Total size 13.5 MB

assetpackage.yy 11.8 KB datafiles datafiles_yy objects rooms scripts
scr_camera_create scr_camera_draw scr_camera_step scr_create_skybox_model scr_create_skybox_model_BACKUP scr_create_water_model scr_draw_all_objects scr_draw_skybox_model scr_draw_vertex_buffer_trianglelist scr_draw_vertex_buffer_trianglestrip scr_free_model_buffers scr_get_shader_uniforms scr_init_global_variables scr_load_model_buffers scr_load_textures scr_load_vertex_buffer_model scr_surfaces_check scr_surfaces_create vertex_buffer_floor_3D vertex_buffer_format_create_3D vertex_buffer_triangle_3D
shaders sprites
bac_barman bac_skybox bac_skybox_back bac_skybox_bottom bac_skybox_front bac_skybox_left bac_skybox_right bac_skybox_top bac_terrain bac_terrain_detail bac_water_caustic bac_water_foam bac_water_normal

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