For Game Maker Studio 2 only.

Do you experience slowdowns in your games? Do you run out of solutions to optimize your framerate? Lerner FPS gives you some air, by providing a whopping 50% performance increase!

With one call to the lfps_step() function in the Step event, your game will automatically skip frames when the FPS drops. It implies that everything put inside the draw event will not be executed.

This package provides you the Lerner FPS extension ready for use, with a comprehensive example: a set of balls that populate the room, and a button to toggle the optimization on or off. The code is commented in English and French.

This asset is compatible with any platform.

Subissez-vous des pertes de performance dans vos jeux ? Etes-vous à court de solution pour optimiser votre taux de rafraîchissement ? Lerner FPS vous donne un peu d'air, en vous apportant un bond en performances de 50% !

En un appel à la fonction lfps_step() dans l'évènement Step, votre jeu sautera automatiquement des images en cas de chute des FPS. Cela implique que tout ce qui est placé dans l'évènement de dessin ne sera pas exécuté.

Ce paquetage vous fournit l'extension Lerner FPS prêt à l'emploi, ainsi qu'un exemple complet : un ensemble de balles qui peuplent la pièce, et un bouton qui active ou désactive l'optimisation. Le code est commenté en français et en anglais.

Compatible avec toutes les plateformes.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.2. Published June 26, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Attila K 30 July 2017

I need to test it out more.


ORIGINAL: I had problems when first using it.

EDIT: At first I had problems with this extension but the developer is very helpful and kind. At me not FPS was improved as the extension suggests it but drawn frames look to be improved and less lagging appeared. It needs some time to test this out.



Lerner (Publisher) 30 July 2017

Hello, thank you for your feedback!

Did you try the demo bundled with the asset? You will see that under heavy CPU usage, turning on the optimization sacrifices some "Draw" frames (also known as frame skipping) to regain some FPS. When used in your projects, Lerner FPS will not trigger itself if you do not experience FPS slowdown, even with the optimization enabled.

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