Easy to setup global save/load extension:

  • works out of the box - only import and you are ready to use it
  • easy to learn functions names
  • buildin example
  • full cross platform capability
  • high performance

Function list (add only "v_" prefix and you are ready to use it):

  • v_save_exists
  • v_save
  • v_save_load
  • v_save_delete

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 0.1.1. Published June 3, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 09 July 2019


Anonymous 12 February 2019


Anonymous 09 January 2019

Does what it is suppsed to be doing.

Easy to use, well done!
Does it work with Android?


Michel B 26 December 2017

I'm using this

Saves everything (including experience progression), but you need to change room for that to happen. Only downside is that you can not pick where that little pause window should be placed. E.g. when I change room I need to jump and then press escape to see that pause window with the save function. If it was coded with Draw GUI in mind, it would be easier. :)


Anonymous 30 August 2017

Little problem

the saved variable cant be 0 :/


NAOgaming (Publisher) 01 November 2018

i tried that and all working fine, can you give some more info about error?

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