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This is a WebAPI that allow you to create a online user database for your game (backend). Setup buttons will create the tables and fields in your mysql database on your webserver (homepage). The players can register, validate their email and login with this API. You can also save data to the database and load it cross platforms. Ex the user save data in your game on an android device and then load the data on the PC version of your game. Users can also upload files.

Works on GMS1.4 and GMS2.

Here is a complete list of features:

Public features:

  • List high-score
  • High-score count entities
  • Load user share data (user can share data with each other)
  • Get active users (check how may is "online" and playing your game right now)
  • Get total users count
  • Download files (http_get_file)
  • Get external IP

Login features:

  • Register with email validation
  • Login
  • Forgot password reset email
  • Delete user account

User features:

  • Save user data
  • Load user data
  • Save high-score
  • Load high-score (get points and rank)
  • Change password
  • Change username
  • Save share data (for the public)
  • Upload files
  • Upload files via web browser
  • Check if file (ex uploaded file) exists on server
  • Server curl upload (web-server to web-server upload)

You need:

  • Ordinary web-server (homepage) space with a PHP version 5.6 or above.
  • mysql 5.5 database or above on your web-server (homepage).


UPDATE: To update to 1.0.5 just replace the PHP folder on your host. You can skip the Config.php and keep the one with the settings you already have.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.5

Fixed so it works on Bluehost

Version 1.0.5. Published June 25, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1567

Age Rating: 4+

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Richard T 27 July 2017

It works!

The video was extremely helpful in setting this up. I have a friend who set up the database, but everything else I could manage from gamemaker. I have a few questions. I'll use the support line now.


Stephen W 08 July 2017

Does what it says


Jana S 30 June 2017


The-any-Key (Publisher) 03 August 2017

Contact me on I will fix any issues you might have with my asset.
Continue send email until I answer. Your first email may have been eaten by cyberspace.


Kerry O 26 June 2017

A Chemisty Set of Potential

Web-API gives you the means necessary to create your very own online presence, however you wish to define it. This asset really is a chemistry set of potential, and being able to host your own high-score tables (up to 4 per project), is just the beginning.

Once a new user has created an account with your Web-API-enabled project, they are free to login, logout, download, upload (you set the file types), and the rest of the functionality listed on the tin. The icing on the cake is that all of this is automated via the email system, giving your project a legit, authentic feel.

The project for Game Maker itself is well organized, and the included example buttons it comes with clearly illustrate the core concepts at your disposal. A lot of work went into this effort, clearly. Also, when I ran into some issues getting things set up, the developer went above and beyond to get my project working.

A 5-star asset with 5-star support, Web-API is worth experimenting with!

Package contents

Total size 191 KB 9.63 KB WebAPI
Backgrounds datafiles Objects Rooms Scripts
scr_webapi_active_users_count.gml 338 Bytes scr_webapi_active_users_count_callback.gml 1.33 KB scr_webapi_Active_Users_Count_Done.gml 247 Bytes scr_webapi_Buffer_To_String.gml 1.1 KB scr_webapi_delete_user.gml 335 Bytes scr_webapi_delete_user_callback.gml 1.22 KB scr_webapi_Delete_User_Done.gml 216 Bytes scr_webapi_download.gml 254 Bytes scr_webapi_download_callback.gml 925 Bytes scr_webapi_Download_Done.gml 259 Bytes scr_webapi_file_exists.gml 374 Bytes scr_webapi_file_exists_callback.gml 1.29 KB scr_webapi_File_Exists_Done.gml 372 Bytes scr_webapi_forgot.gml 251 Bytes scr_webapi_forgot_callback.gml 1.21 KB scr_webapi_Forgot_Done.gml 198 Bytes scr_webapi_Get_callback_data.gml 2.33 KB scr_webapi_get_ip.gml 215 Bytes scr_webapi_get_ip_callback.gml 1.22 KB scr_webapi_Get_IP_Done.gml 269 Bytes scr_webapi_get_share_code.gml 84 Bytes scr_webapi_highscore_count.gml 347 Bytes scr_webapi_highscore_count_callback.gml 1.54 KB scr_webapi_Highscore_Count_Done.gml 244 Bytes scr_webapi_highscore_list.gml 406 Bytes scr_webapi_highscore_list_callback.gml 1.53 KB scr_webapi_Highscore_List_Done.gml 535 Bytes scr_webapi_highscore_load.gml 393 Bytes scr_webapi_highscore_load_callback.gml 1.6 KB scr_webapi_Highscore_Load_Done.gml 270 Bytes scr_webapi_highscore_save.gml 434 Bytes scr_webapi_highscore_save_callback.gml 1.51 KB scr_webapi_Highscore_Save_Done.gml 250 Bytes scr_webapi_load.gml 352 Bytes scr_webapi_load_callback.gml 1.44 KB scr_webapi_Load_Done.gml 271 Bytes scr_webapi_load_share.gml 361 Bytes scr_webapi_load_share_callback.gml 1.51 KB scr_webapi_Load_Share_Done.gml 277 Bytes scr_webapi_login.gml 297 Bytes scr_webapi_login_callback.gml 1.52 KB scr_webapi_Login_Done.gml 643 Bytes scr_webapi_logout.gml 181 Bytes scr_webapi_password_callback.gml 1.21 KB scr_webapi_password_change.gml 390 Bytes scr_webapi_Password_Change_Done.gml 228 Bytes scr_webapi_register.gml 340 Bytes scr_webapi_register_callback.gml 1.23 KB scr_webapi_Register_Done.gml 206 Bytes scr_webapi_save.gml 1.76 KB scr_webapi_save_callback.gml 2.34 KB scr_webapi_Save_Done.gml 195 Bytes scr_webapi_Save_Process.gml 145 Bytes scr_webapi_save_share.gml 1.72 KB scr_webapi_save_share_callback.gml 2.32 KB scr_webapi_Save_Share_Done.gml 201 Bytes scr_webapi_Save_Share_Process.gml 151 Bytes scr_webapi_server_curl.gml 869 Bytes scr_webapi_server_curl_callback.gml 1.34 KB scr_webapi_Server_Curl_Done.gml 296 Bytes scr_webapi_settings.gml 393 Bytes scr_webapi_setup.gml 193 Bytes scr_webapi_setup_callback.gml 972 Bytes scr_webapi_string_parse.gml 1.4 KB scr_webapi_String_To_Buffer.gml 614 Bytes scr_webapi_upload.gml 1.54 KB scr_webapi_upload_callback.gml 2.15 KB scr_webapi_Upload_Done.gml 263 Bytes scr_webapi_Upload_Process.gml 149 Bytes scr_webapi_upload_web.gml 154 Bytes scr_webapi_username_callback.gml 1.21 KB scr_webapi_username_change.gml 390 Bytes scr_webapi_UserName_Change_Done.gml 228 Bytes scr_webapi_users_count.gml 266 Bytes scr_webapi_users_count_callback.gml 1.27 KB scr_webapi_Users_Count_Done.gml 240 Bytes
Sprites 682 Bytes 681 Bytes 678 Bytes 685 Bytes 681 Bytes 676 Bytes 676 Bytes 685 Bytes 684 Bytes 674 Bytes 684 Bytes 680 Bytes 675 Bytes 676 Bytes 685 Bytes 678 Bytes 674 Bytes 684 Bytes 680 Bytes 681 Bytes 685 Bytes 681 Bytes 681 Bytes 688 Bytes 685 Bytes 685 Bytes 680 Bytes images

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