A simple and easy to understand and customize asset. The inventory swap and drop was designed under the inspiration of rogue like games that thrive on equipment diversity, but not on hoarding.

This asset allows you to:

Decide an equipment "types" that can be called upon through hotkeys 1 and 2 respectively. Easily assign stats the player can call upon when executing actions that rely on that gear, to quickly "swap, or drop" that gear using E and Q respectively,

in a simple and organized fashion that newcomers and experts alike will mutually enjoy, adding and modifying themselves.

Everything is commented and I will always be around to answer any questions anyone might have for me!

(also let me know if I somehow screwed up the upload or something and il happily fix it!)

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published May 21, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 9+

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