GMS1 and 2 - Android Only

Use the front or back camera as a native Gamemaker surface in your games and applications!


  • Landscape and portrait camera mode
  • Turn the flashlight on and off during preview
  • High speed access to the colour data from the camera (could be used for tracking and detection etc.)

Since the camera is returned as a native Gamemaker surface, you can use the surface as you would a regular sprite, background as well. Draw it with shader effects, use it as a texture for a model, and any other applications you can think of!

Easy to set up and implement (working demo is included). Call the following function to start the camera preview:


To draw the camera to the screen, there are two options. Either retrieve the surface index and operate with that, or use the inbuilt drawing function:


// --- OR --- //

var surface = camsurface_get_surface();

if (surface_exists(s)) {
    draw_surface(surface, x, y);

On newer phones the camera can run at up to 30fps (independent of the room speed) @ 720p. Slightly smaller resolutions on older phones runs exponentially faster.

Make sure to set the minimum android sdk to 17 in Global Game Settings.

Need an Android extension or SDK Implementation?

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End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 0.0.4. Published May 16, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.525

Age Rating: 4+

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Matteo L 01 June 2019

works well on gms1.4, but crashes on gms2

I contacted the author for a solution, but at the moment no solution has been found.
I use three smartphones for testing and does not work on anyone with gms2.


Anonymous 18 May 2019

Works like a treat - GMS:1 and GMS:2

Thank you for this asset, very cool. I havn't had any trouble implementing it in either Gamemaker 1.4 or Gamemaker 2.

Plug and play.

Thanks again :)


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 18 May 2019


Thanks for leaving a review.

Please email me if you have any questions about the asset.



Jacob M 04 April 2019

Broken in GMS2

Works perfectly fine in GMS1.4.x however instantly crashes in GMS2.

Tried it on 4 different devices with just the demo file (ZTE Blitz, Oppo A73, Galaxy note 5, and Galaxy Note 9) and it'll immidiately crash when ever the camera has been turned on. Even tried rolling back the Android NDK version it's still having the same issue.


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 24 March 2019

Hi Jacob, I can't see an email from you in my inbox so please get in touch and I'm sure we'll get this one fixed. Cheers


Petr H 21 September 2017

Perfect asset

I'm excited about how works great..


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 24 September 2017

Thanks for the review; Much appreciated!


Anonymous 16 May 2017


can't believe this works so well!!

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