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Hand designed thin white user interface (UI) pack.

Three directional pads and also segregated directional arrows without binding to allow a more custom design.

Includes box frames for creating Menu containers, will require that you use 9 slice technique to use without distortion. The boxes are a total of four and they are designed with outline and without the outline.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published April 20, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1763

Age Rating: 4+

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Package contents

Total size 25.1 KB

Starter User Interface Pack.extension.gmx 3.23 KB Starter User Interface Pack
accept_nb_spr.sprite.gmx 679 Bytes accept_spr.sprite.gmx 676 Bytes back_nb_spr.sprite.gmx 677 Bytes back_spr.sprite.gmx 674 Bytes bordered_rounded_box_spr.sprite.gmx 690 Bytes bordered_square_box_spr.sprite.gmx 689 Bytes decline_nb_spr.sprite.gmx 680 Bytes decline_spr.sprite.gmx 677 Bytes dpad_down_arrow_spr.sprite.gmx 685 Bytes dpad_left_arrow_spr.sprite.gmx 685 Bytes dpad_right_arrow_spr.sprite.gmx 686 Bytes dpad_starter_ui_white_thin_spr.sprite.gmx 700 Bytes dpad_up_arrow_spr.sprite.gmx 683 Bytes empty_icon_container_spr.sprite.gmx 690 Bytes info_icon_bordered_spr.sprite.gmx 688 Bytes info_icon_spr.sprite.gmx 679 Bytes music_nb_1_spr.sprite.gmx 680 Bytes music_nb_x_spr.sprite.gmx 680 Bytes music_x_spr.sprite.gmx 677 Bytes musix_1_spr.sprite.gmx 677 Bytes musix_nb_o_spr.sprite.gmx 680 Bytes musix_o_spr.sprite.gmx 677 Bytes pause_spr.sprite.gmx 675 Bytes pause_stick_1_spr.sprite.gmx 681 Bytes puase_stick_2_spr.sprite.gmx 681 Bytes rounded_square_nb_spr.sprite.gmx 687 Bytes settings_nb_spr.sprite.gmx 681 Bytes settings_spr.sprite.gmx 678 Bytes sfx_nb_o_spr.sprite.gmx 678 Bytes sfx_nb_x_spr.sprite.gmx 678 Bytes sfx_o_spr.sprite.gmx 675 Bytes sfx_x_spr.sprite.gmx 675 Bytes sprite32_starter_ui_white_thin_26.sprite.gmx 699 Bytes sprite33_starter_ui_white_thin_27.sprite.gmx 699 Bytes square_no_border_spr.sprite.gmx 686 Bytes images

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