Additional Arrays used for game develop:

  • Array Create create and edit arrays
  • Array 2d array used as grid
  • Array Define arrays designed for setting or getting properties
  • Array Arguments arrays used to execute events
  • Array List arrays used as data structures
  • Others

Since I prefer to use arrays, I will continue to add useful scripts.

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Version 1.2.0. Published April 21, 2017

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Anonymous 20 April 2017

very useful

good tools,thanks for the author.

This review was left for a previous version of this asset.

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arg0 arg1 arga argr args_to_map Array array_2d_add_disk array_2d_create array_2d_def_list array_2d_def_list_get array_2d_flood_fill array_2d_get_value array_2d_join array_2d_normalize array_add array_def array_def_get array_def_list array_def_list_get array_each_plus array_get_copy array_get_max array_get_value array_join array_list_add array_list_create array_list_delete array_list_dequeue array_list_find_index array_list_find_value array_list_head array_list_insert array_list_pop array_list_set array_list_shuffle array_list_sort array_list_tail array_nested_get array_nested_set array_prilist_add array_prilist_changepri array_prilist_create array_prilist_delmax array_prilist_sort array_random_get array_set_value array_shuffle array_sort array_swap_pos array_to_map Debug Execute Finish map_to_args map_to_array Return0 Return1

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