this will automatically generator code for state machines, such as jumping, movement (limited to arrow keys) and jumping, but also changes the sprite automatically if you set it up correctly...when you copy and paste the code make sure to change '' to ""

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Changes in 1.0.2

theres still much to be done with this project, so i wouldnt rely on it very much, this is a very early version of this software, to load files you have to go to: C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\code_generator\Templates

what works? Export: it does export correctly, but it exports like its half retarded and in so, you must make your own loops what if i use "attempt to shrink"? while it does work (sometimes) it still needs a lot of work done to order to use that setting correctly you must create panels in order from left to right, making sure the distance between them remains the same...that why my templates dont export properly using this function keys: press G to snap the object to a grid for easier building press L to lock the current

note Soon all of the code will be converted into dlls for easier coding

Version 1.0.2. Published April 27, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Package contents

Total size 16.2 MB

assetpackage.yy 15.3 KB objects
controller file_menu file_options interface_buttons interface_properties int_button int_export_checkbox int_Inventory int_Inventory_fake int_Label int_Label_fake int_Panel int_Panel_fake int_ProgressBar int_ProgressBar_fake int_TextBox int_TextBox_fake keyboard_input window
rooms scripts
adaptive_screen copy_script create_list delete deselect dir_create draw_ProgressBar_spriteless Export_Inventory Export_Panel Export_text import_CGC_file Inventory1 Inventory2 load_file movement_handler Progress_bar Progress_bar_ini prop_create_basics prop_create_panel prop_create_textbox prop_decide prop_delete quick_inventory quick_label quick_panel save_file screen_clear scr_label Selector_prop system temp_create_files
sounds sprites
background spr_button spr_checkbox spr_inventory spr_inventory_fake spr_Label spr_settings spr_text_box spr_text_box_1 spr_titles spr_window ui_box

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