A Verlet Physics library including particles and springs. You can apply forces/impulses to particles, create springs that keep particles at a certain distance, solve particle to particle collisions. Note: check the PDF in the Included files for a small Cheat Sheet on what everything does.

Use it to create: - ropes and particle strings - cloth simulation - ragdolls - make objects move in a more realistic way without having to use physics rooms - having more control in your particles to create custom explosions and effects

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Version 1.0.0. Published April 7, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 31 October 2017


Dallin B 19 September 2017

Works great!

Works like intended. fast. script and function names make sense to an outsider

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assetpackage.yy 11.9 KB datafiles datafiles_yy extensions fonts objects rooms scripts
draw_info verlet_particle_distance verlet_part_apply_explosion_impulse verlet_part_apply_force verlet_part_apply_impulse verlet_part_constrain_in_bounds verlet_part_get_life_norm verlet_part_get_vel_x verlet_part_get_vel_y verlet_part_instance_init verlet_part_instance_update verlet_part_list_constrain_in_bounds verlet_part_set_life verlet_part_set_mass verlet_part_set_static verlet_part_set_vel verlet_solve_collisions_in_list verlet_solve_collision_particles verlet_solve_collision_part_to_list verlet_spring_instance_init verlet_spring_instance_update verlet_spring_instance_update_allow_less_distance verlet_spring_instance_update_allow_more_distance verlet_spring_set verlet_spring_set_distance verlet_spring_set_particles

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