Build with and for GMS2. Note that there is a known bug with the IDE of GMS2 that prevent the included file to be downloaded. find the file at:

This is Rogue-Lock:Ultimate, a roguelike STARTER PACK.

A great tool to help you create...roguelike game!


  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Fully functional inventory system
  • Custom fullscreen script (Pixel perfect)
  • Auto-tiling level
  • Save/Load system
  • Main menu
  • Examples of: Player sheet / enemy A.I. / Shadowcasting FOV / Turn-based system / Random loot
  • Mini map
  • Good support :)

As soon as the IDE bug is fixed, I'll include the asset: Inventory DB2.

Rogue-Lock:Ultimate demo

-Tested for windows and YYC. Interaction with mouse, not gamepad.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published April 1, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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Travis T 03 November 2017

Very thorough.

I've learned a lot paging through this project over the past couple of weeks, and it has everything you need to start your own roguelike. Even better than the content is the support I received from Jonathan. He's answered any question I had within the hour and has gone above and beyond in helping me with my struggles. Top notch.


Jonathan Moreau (Publisher) 03 November 2017

Thx. I'm glad you like it.


Katrina G 05 July 2017

Package contents

Total size 842 KB

assetpackage.yy 44.2 KB datafiles datafiles_yy fonts objects
obj_button_main_menu obj_chest obj_container_template obj_creator obj_display obj_door obj_dynamic obj_enter obj_exit obj_game_over obj_inventory obj_item obj_journal obj_lamp obj_light obj_main_menu obj_map obj_monster_rat obj_monster_skeleton obj_moving_effect obj_parent_container obj_parent_monster obj_player obj_player_armor obj_player_backpack obj_player_hand obj_player_shield obj_sign obj_static obj_text_value obj_turn
rooms scripts
inv_container_add_item inv_container_add_item_pos inv_container_add_item_pos_remains inv_container_cell_set_restriction inv_container_clear_cell inv_container_list_add inv_container_list_delete inv_container_list_top inv_container_mouse_in inv_container_resize inv_container_sort inv_container_surface inv_container_surface_outline inv_container_surface_pos inv_database_ini inv_inventory_check_compare inv_inventory_check_quantity inv_inventory_check_type inv_inventory_description_box inv_inventory_drop_item inv_inventory_free inv_inventory_item_id inv_inventory_item_restriction inv_inventory_remove_item inv_inventory_reset_selection inv_inventory_update_position inv_inventory_use_item inv_item_asign_type inv_surfaces_free scr_add_door scr_add_hidden_room scr_apply_damage scr_area_random_cell scr_attack_melee scr_auto_tile_value_47 scr_bsp_split scr_cells_share_room scr_cell_available scr_cell_is_around_cell scr_change_grid_to_tile_around_cell scr_create_journal scr_create_player_inventory scr_dice_test scr_dig_corridor_straight scr_display_fullscreen scr_door_can_be_place scr_face_right scr_find_grid_path scr_FOV_grid scr_grid_add_door_chest scr_grid_to_tile scr_initialize_level_asset scr_is_on_view scr_layer_ini scr_level_cleaning scr_light_update scr_light_update_lamp scr_load_array scr_load_player_inventory scr_LOS scr_macro_ini scr_main_menu_button scr_map_update scr_monster_action_attack scr_monster_action_attack_arrow scr_monster_action_chase scr_monster_action_seek scr_monster_action_skeleton_seek scr_monster_action_sleep scr_monster_drop scr_moving_effect scr_moving_effect_script scr_mysheet_update scr_on_grid scr_pause scr_plane_enter_exit scr_player_action_activate_static scr_player_action_movement scr_player_action_reveal_hiden_object scr_room_list scr_save_array scr_save_game scr_scatter_instance scr_set_visible scr_slot_reset scr_static_add_loot scr_target_in_earing_range scr_text_value
sounds sprites
spr_armor spr_arrow spr_axe spr_back_inventory spr_button_main
3fa7e778-510a-4266-8605-d703a0865214.png 149 Bytes spr_button_main.yy 1.93 KB layers
spr_chest spr_description_box spr_door spr_enter spr_exit spr_floor_blue spr_floor_gray spr_floor_green spr_fx_arrow spr_fx_rock spr_gold spr_icon_level spr_icon_life spr_icon_magic spr_inventory_box spr_journal spr_key spr_lamp_off spr_lamp_on spr_lock spr_mask spr_monster_rat spr_monster_skeleton spr_outline spr_player spr_potion spr_rock spr_selector spr_shadow spr_shield spr_sign spr_stone_menu spr_sword spr_wall_blue spr_wall_gray spr_wall_green

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