This is a series of scripts to help you unlock your framerate by implementing the ideas and solutions as presented by Glenn Fiedler at

This is an alternative to the more popular variable delta time solution when dealing with things like physics which can be a headache. Both approaches have their pros and cons. The upside to this approach is you don't have to do any additional math in your physics to compensate for lag or to allow your users to choose thier preferred frame rate.

In general you should just make your game in GameMaker and not worry about timesteps. But if you must here's a solution.

Download the demo by clicking the link below to see how it performs! Press F1 to toggle the room speed. Notice no matter what the room_speed is the physics are the same.

Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance or bug fixing.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.2. Published March 29, 2017

Age Rating: 4+

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1f7c8b09-4a06-475f-8568-b8d66f82afa1.png 1.84 KB 1f89df15-24ef-41fd-9595-5c886720c0f6.png 1.86 KB 2bcc4c14-625d-4714-906b-46eece368ef0.png 1.86 KB 408af3e9-a34e-43cd-a9c6-643af8a0c6b0.png 1.82 KB 47a7f3db-7163-40ce-a36d-4053b11d6a6a.png 1.85 KB 5aa18671-385e-4d49-a6b1-3c46ec9bd8bc.png 1.84 KB 606e4afd-a3e1-4cea-9675-9589a6b40f0a.png 1.86 KB 62be1cf8-17cc-4ad6-ac54-1838b46311eb.png 1.86 KB 6b08eab0-bf40-4678-8078-ff353d3c1b8a.png 1.84 KB 792ab6f8-9c4d-4a07-84e0-f9ac8659e4e0.png 1.84 KB 84824efb-5ee4-4f6c-895a-a469199fc030.png 1.86 KB 908fb946-2200-4d80-9e0c-90add40f531e.png 1.85 KB 9a892de7-650a-4c46-b71d-343b9fd77c35.png 1.86 KB afad036b-9a45-467f-af89-e2b3a0c2039c.png 1.85 KB b46b809c-c0cc-4f47-bc12-e66d7f6a6085.png 1.86 KB bc6a3f45-5d59-4183-b896-49bf937f8ab5.png 1.86 KB c2fedcdf-92e2-4b32-abc6-4268d9cea3d8.png 1.84 KB c9e68a0e-9bc9-4bfa-9f7a-548706f36eaf.png 1.84 KB e3c6a742-40c8-4137-b5a1-1c61d665d092.png 1.86 KB e9e6b39e-952b-477b-b04a-e44a63065efd.png 1.84 KB spr_idle.yy 18.9 KB layers
1f7c8b09-4a06-475f-8568-b8d66f82afa1 1f89df15-24ef-41fd-9595-5c886720c0f6 2bcc4c14-625d-4714-906b-46eece368ef0 408af3e9-a34e-43cd-a9c6-643af8a0c6b0 47a7f3db-7163-40ce-a36d-4053b11d6a6a 5aa18671-385e-4d49-a6b1-3c46ec9bd8bc 606e4afd-a3e1-4cea-9675-9589a6b40f0a 62be1cf8-17cc-4ad6-ac54-1838b46311eb 6b08eab0-bf40-4678-8078-ff353d3c1b8a 792ab6f8-9c4d-4a07-84e0-f9ac8659e4e0 84824efb-5ee4-4f6c-895a-a469199fc030 908fb946-2200-4d80-9e0c-90add40f531e 9a892de7-650a-4c46-b71d-343b9fd77c35 afad036b-9a45-467f-af89-e2b3a0c2039c b46b809c-c0cc-4f47-bc12-e66d7f6a6085 bc6a3f45-5d59-4183-b896-49bf937f8ab5 c2fedcdf-92e2-4b32-abc6-4268d9cea3d8 c9e68a0e-9bc9-4bfa-9f7a-548706f36eaf e3c6a742-40c8-4137-b5a1-1c61d665d092 e9e6b39e-952b-477b-b04a-e44a63065efd
f50a99e2-0ff0-4613-a60d-25a360a76f08.png 95.9 KB spr_ts_main.yy 1.93 KB layers

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