CSV manager allows you to take a .csv file and load it into a GameMaker array. It can also be used to save your GameMaker arrays to .csv files for storage. The asset includes detailed documentation on how to import your database from Excel and get it working. A simple demo to help get you started is also included.

Possible uses:

  • Language files
  • RPG databases
  • Complex save files

If you encounter any issues don't hesitate to contact us.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published August 23, 2014

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.180

Age Rating: 4+

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Wayne C 17 June 2017


Stefan S 06 May 2017


Druid W 28 September 2016

Amazing asset!

I using this asset for loong time (more than year) and is great and easy to use! Great for item lists, easy to translate dialog files, enemy database and much much more!


Gregorius Y 03 June 2016

How to load the saved files?

csv_load loads the files from included files, how if we want to load the saved files from before (from local save area)? thanks


Frostcube (Publisher) 07 July 2016

When you use csv_load it will automatically check BOTH the included files section and the AppData section. If there is a file with the name in both sections it defaults to the included files version.

So if you want to load a file you've created make sure you give it a different file name when you use csv_save and then when you load it with csv_load you should be all good.


Alex M 29 August 2015

Add manual download links YOYO!

I paid for this script and now I can't download it because I don't have the latest version of GMS even though I have the full GMS Master collection. Add a manual download link Yoyo, don't force your users into using your underdeveloped market place.


Frostcube (Publisher) 22 September 2015

Sorry for the late reply Alex (Don't get notifications on reviews), if you are still having issues feel free to shoot an email to support[at]frostcube[dot]com with the purchase ID and we can get you sorted.


Jose B 19 September 2014


Theres not much to say really, its simple and to the point and does what it claims perfectly fine, its well commented and includes a "getting started" pdf so theres little to no chance to get lost.

What is the issue?

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