Supports Android only. Gamemaker Studio 1.4 AND Gamemaker 2.X

Need both Android and iOS support?

Read the manual to see what you can do with WebView for Android!

WebView for Android allows you to place any web content in your Gamemaker Game/Application. It also features a fully implemented Javascript injection and Callback system, so that you can interact with the Webpage that is displayed and get information back from it.

Some features you can implement with WebViews:

  • Play Youtube videos in-app
  • Make a menu for your game using any HTML/web dev technologies
  • Embed HTML5 games in your app
  • Create forms to gather user information
  • Display any other content you can think of!

Other features of the extension include:

  • To load pages you can: Serve directly from Included Files, load external websites, set HTML content directly
  • Capture WebView's contents as a sprite
  • Navigational functions (forward, back, reload, blank page)
  • Set the WebView's size, position and visibility
  • Get information about the page such as title and URL
  • Evaluate Javascript on the WebView from Gamemaker
  • Easily callback to Gamemaker from Javascript

For more information: Download the demo APK or Read the manual

Need an Android extension or SDK Implementation?

Sample video credit: Law School

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.0. Published March 21, 2017

Created with GameMaker: Studio v1.99.525

Age Rating: 4+

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Anonymous 02 May 2019

Awesome and fast support - Golden features!

After contact with the Dev (Taylor) I can say he isn't only fast in response, but
is even able to implement great features.

I am missing the WebView options to login via basic Http Auth, set the UserAgent
and Upload files from Android using the WebChromeClient.
Implemented it meanwhile on my own as it was a thing driving me crazy ;-)

This extension is worth much more than you might pay here :)
In case we see above addons or a new extension for this, I would buy it again, just because it is not only hard to implement from scratch, but also you have to dive into Java a lot, to make it work on your own!!


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 25 May 2019

Hi there, I very much appreciate your kind words!

Glad that I could help you out. Thanks for leaving a review.


Tiago S 01 December 2018

Position window without changing other factors in

Hello, I'm having an error here .. when I position the html from included files with this code >>

webview_set_position(0,display_get_height()+700-room_height,display_get_width(),display_get_height()-324-room_height );

when I touch the file inside the webview anything else in the is modified window to another place
can you help me?


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 17 December 2018

Hey there, more than happy to help you out. Sorry for the delay I do not get notified of reviews. Please use the contact publisher button to get in touch.



Edward V 25 April 2017

EVMC Studios

Is there a way to open link banners on a new window outside of the game? like load links externally (linkouts)


Taylor Dale (Publisher) 25 April 2017

Hi there, if I am not mistaken I have emailed you the solution to this? Please get in touch if you did not receive it.


Anonymous 21 March 2017



Anonymous 21 March 2017

very good

Useful for a menu with bootstrap for my game :)

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