This asset it's for GMS 2 and GMS1. Check back regularly for updates. This is a Array Main Menu asset. It includes easy-change buttons. Well commented code. Weekly update that will have visible differences. The idea is to make a complete menu with all animations and sounds, easily be edited according to customer wishes. **ver 2.0.7 update :

  • [-------------------------------------Changes ?-------------------------------------]

  • Entire redesign on the gui elements.

  • Change possition on the menu elements

  • Upload all PSD files .

  • [-------------------------------------What's done for now ?-------------------------------------]

  • New Game - change room to another room.

  • Load Game - not done yet.

  • Options - move to options menu.

  • Quit - quit the game.

  • [-------------------------------------What options menu provide to us ?-------------------------------------]

  • Display - aded (fullscreen on/off) (working on change resolutions)

  • Audio - added music (auto change background music) (on/off background music ) (choose backgrond music (like player)) (background music volume up/down) (sounds on/off) (sounds volume up/down).

  • Keyboard / Mouse - added only buttons with variables (easy to customize for your goal). (working on this section )

  • Key Binding - added only text (working on key binding option).

  • Graphics - added only buttons with variables (easy to customize for your goal).

  • Game Settings - added only buttons with variables (easy to customize for your goal).

  • Exit to main menu - return back to main menu.

  • [---------------------------------------------What we can expect for the future ?---------------------------------------------]

  • Smooth animations.

  • Key binding option.

  • Draw information when you click on some option panel.

  • Menu which it's ideal for most genres of the games just need to change the design.

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 2.0.7. Published May 14, 2017

Age Rating: 12+

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Anonymous 25 September 2017

Amazing graphics

Nice job. Coding is easy to understand for beginners and intermediate gml devs.


Aleksandar (Publisher) 04 April 2017

Thank you very much !

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assetpackage.yy 15.2 KB datafiles datafiles_yy fonts objects rooms scripts
scr_close_button_draw scr_main_menu_draw scr_main_menu_ini scr_music_info_draw scr_music_info_init scr_music_player_draw scr_music_volume scr_on_off_button_draw_aim_help scr_on_off_button_draw_auto_change_music scr_on_off_button_draw_crew_alerts scr_on_off_button_draw_full_screen scr_on_off_button_draw_fxaa scr_on_off_button_draw_help_tips scr_on_off_button_draw_ignore scr_on_off_button_draw_invert_mouse scr_on_off_button_draw_msaa scr_on_off_button_draw_mute_music scr_on_off_button_draw_mute_sounds scr_on_off_button_draw_pda_alerts scr_on_off_button_draw_stats_alerts scr_on_off_button_draw_vsync scr_on_off_button_init scr_options_draw scr_options_ini scr_options_step scr_sounds_volume
sounds sprites
spr_background_menu spr_close_button spr_cursor spr_main_menu_box spr_main_menu_button spr_music_info spr_music_name_box spr_next_button spr_on_off_box spr_on_off_button spr_options_border spr_options_icon spr_options_menu_box spr_options_menu_box2 spr_options_menu_button spr_previous_button spr_volume_down spr_volume_meter spr_volume_up

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