This is a Array Main Menu asset. It includes easy-change buttons. Well commented code. Weekly update that will have visible differences. The idea is to make a complete menu with all animations and sounds, easily be edited according to customer wishes. If you have any complaints or ideas please share them to do better for you this Asset

End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

Version 1.0.1. Published March 24, 2017

Age Rating: 12+

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Package contents

Total size 14.7 MB

assetpackage.yy 10.5 KB fonts objects rooms scripts
scr_audio_draw scr_main_menu_draw scr_main_menu_ini scr_music_info_draw scr_music_info_init scr_on_off_button_draw_aim_help scr_on_off_button_draw_auto_change_music scr_on_off_button_draw_full_screen scr_on_off_button_draw_fxaa scr_on_off_button_draw_ignore scr_on_off_button_draw_invert_mouse scr_on_off_button_draw_msaa scr_on_off_button_draw_mute_music scr_on_off_button_draw_mute_sounds scr_on_off_button_draw_vsync scr_on_off_button_init scr_options_draw scr_options_ini scr_options_step
sounds sprites
spr_background_menu spr_cursor spr_main_menu_box spr_main_menu_button spr_music_info spr_on_off_box spr_on_off_button spr_options_icon spr_options_menu_box spr_options_menu_button

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